Dream House Inspiration January 2018 – Casa Marrakech

We have many interesting projects for 2018 and they include opening up new perspectives of design and interior design for you. Surely we will realize the following: Once a month we will introduce you a great dream house inspiration. In January we start with Casa Marrakech – a beautiful project by Bercy Chen Studio. As is customary for modern homes, the building already says a lot about the purpose of its use, or about the attitude of the inhabitants. We also have one of the wonderful examples of how to combine old culture into modern architectural concepts. In this building one draws inspiration from the folk architecture of the old bricklayers and builders.

This is what a modern façade looks like with ethnic elements

many glass surfaces dream house facade design

Modern facade with ethnic elements

How do you actually build a modern façade and at the same time integrate ethnic elements into it? The dream house Casa Marrakech shows us how to do that. The modern facade design is characterized by a seamless appearance. It was mostly covered with uniform vertical panels.

On one side it opens through wide windows and a terrace outside. All three remaining modern facades are almost completely closed. In one of these is the entrance. In addition, in the special appearance, the staircase was visualized, which connects the different floors together. These open to the outside through open glazed area.

At the level of the upper floors, a perforated façade panel has been attached to the projecting panels. This certainly has the function on the one hand to cast shadows and to protect the interior against excessive heating in strong sunshine. Moreover, this is a decorative element that shows typical motifs of the Moorish culture. We discover similar perforated panels on the side with the large windows and the terrace from which the kitchen, bedroom and living room open to the courtyard. Meditterrane mood spreads the facade also at night when it is flooded with blue light.

The furniture and the art are reminiscent of Marrakech in an abstract way

Dream house decoration furniture decor

An exotic dream house and a modern interior design at the same time

At first glance, one might overlook the exotic elements in this modern interior. They are very unobtrusive and discreetly integrated. The typical southern patterns are sometimes interpreted super abstract. We discover these, for example. in the distribution of space, in which openness and seclusion are wonderfully balanced: we are dealing with an open plan, but at the same time the inhabitants also have enough privacy. In addition, the atmosphere of mysticism is preserved. Furthermore, the Marrakesh culture comes into its own through the strategic use of striking colors and materials.

The hobbies can also serve as a great decoration

Dream house decoration bedroom view

Hobbies and decoration become one

The inhabitants of this house have evidently turned the inspiration of a culture into a lifestyle. This is what happens in the big part decorative design of the house. The various forms of art are present through pictures, books and musical instruments. They fulfill their actual function and at the same time complete the fabulous dream house concept.

In a subtle way, the oriental mood is also present in the bathroom

bathroom furnish dream home interior

Textiles such as this carpet are also among the most striking decorative elements

comfortable seating area dream home interior

Books and even some accessories like hats are also part of the decoration

bed design dream home interior design

The blue color and the perforated panels integrate the ethnic flair into the seamless modern exterior design

solid side dream house facade design

An accent wall in marble look could also be regarded as an exotic decoration

storage room accent wall dream home interior
Dream house decoration view living room
Dream house decoration bed textiles
Dream house decoration warm design

The blue night lighting of the façade gives a lot of mysticism

Dream house facade design other colors
Dream house facade design great entrance door
Dream house interior furnishing view courtyard
Dream house interior a bar

The pendant lamps and other accessories present the Marrakech culture in an abstract form

Dream house interior design table and staircase
Dream home interior stairs and other elements
staircase dream home interior