Efficient Energy Conversion – Can The Wind Catching?

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energy wind farm sea efficiency

Modern architectural project integrates energy conversion

Today, much spoken about energy conversion. But ultimately we are living unsustainably. The main resources from which the energy is obtained, are still available in infinite quantities. You are advised eventually exhausted and thus like all, sooner or later, in big trouble. Already, resource wars ravaging many poor countries of the world. But also the wealthy will pay the price must at some point, that they pursue short-term interests rather than sustainable development.

The wind energy and their increasing importance

Can you catch the wind? The energy conversion has gained much importance in recent years. You can gain strength. If you could integrate systems of this kind in the House building, this would create automatically many are self-contained objects.

The wind farm project by Jiaqi Sun, Chang Liu, Mingxuan Qin from China

energy conversion Evolo project tropopause

The location

Of course, you need to build as a building, which is responsible for energy from the wind, on a village, which is suitable. This is also provided for in the present architectural project. But here we mean a specific geographical location. It involves the building of energy conversion stations in the tropopause. Because at an altitude between 8000 and 10 000, it has the most wind power meters above the Earth. There, the effectiveness of the project “Wind Farm” would be most effective also.

Because it can be placed virtually anywhere in the world, this will bring many other benefits. The biggest advantage would certainly be providing equal access for all people.

Deserts offer the perfect conditions for an effective wind farm

energy wind farm desert wind energy

Appearance and distribution of functions

The planned wind farms show away from the eyes, an appealing harmonious appearance, through which they harmoniously inscribe themselves in the environment. The appearance, you can see it from two perspectives. In the upper part of the generation of energy, energy conversion happens, there also the storage facilities are housed. Collecting is done in a large vertical rotating cylinder. The flow battery is located in the axis.

The lower part consists of rotating cylinders with four axles. They include energy conversion system to laser power. You can control the accumulated energy by laser from here to different places. There are also additional functions and facilities, like a weather monitor and a Bureau of air investigation.

Experts carry out the maintenance

energy wind turbine tower maintenance

Robust pillars and long rotor blades

energy wind power wind turbine

The assembled expert

energy wind farm construction Assembly

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