Elegant Residence In Melbourne – Old Warehouse Awakens To New Life

elegant residence of minimalist design single-fold nuances

Elegant residence in Melbourne

There is something magical about the renovation and conversion of the ambient which were previously dark and stuffy. You have an incomparable feeling of satisfaction when they are redesigned into something spectacular. The whole thing seems so magical! Greater the emotion! Exactly such a case is described in this post.

It’s a residence in Melbourne Australia. It was formed on the site of a former warehouse. The most difficult task was the splinter society architecture Studio allocated.

The result of their work is just fabulous. The warm and open floor plan was the playground of a space-conscious design. The room has got a completely different appearance applying the glass surfaces and smart lighting. Through this, it has removed also the last dark corner.

It has everywhere generously applied the wide wooden surfaces. They occur also in the rooms with the pure brick walls.

More specifically, the kitchen and the dining room are

elegant residence smooth surfaces of wood cabinets and floors

Compact and seamlesselegant residence black retro chairs made of plastic with metal legs

The fragmentation of the rooms was completely overcome by the ergonomic shelves and the neutral shades. This was in view of the limited available area of particularly great importance.

Also in the exterior fails any attempt to find the remains of the former Department store. You can see only the lawn carpet and the stylish staircase. On the first floor you will find a living room, kitchen and dining area.

The private rooms are on the second floor and ensure the seclusion from the outside world

elegant residence flexible design much grass

Minimalist elegance in the hallway

elegant residence wood paneling recessed

Snow White perfection

elegant residence narrow staircase in white

This building is elegant, unique, and modern on the inside. We have here with a shining example of an intelligent, smart and sustainable design to do.

In a world with fewer and fewer housing, such buildings are an important contribution to the change in our way of thinking with regard to the new global challenges. Just the transition from the industrial to the ‘green’ thinking is here beautifully symbolized. Some of it we can integrate on a small scale in our apartments. Are you also this opinion?

Relax with great views is announced

elegant residence spacious veranda with wooden privacy