Eras Of Art History – An Architectural Journey Into The Past

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eras in the history of the art Baroque Rococo Cathedral Santiago De Compostela

Why the knowledge about the eras of art history for architects is today important?

In our time, there is little to say that things are developing fast.

We are ready, that efficiency is least, what we expect. We even want that keeps constant entertainment. This helps the plethora of modern technology, which just waiting to be tapped.

But sometimes, when everything is so easy and close, this puts to sleep our creativity.

People who today create our architecture, understand the problem very well. ‘Re under pressure. You must surpass the wildest fantasies of all people. At the same time they need to create something which is functional and serves them right.

The huge Cathedral in Pisa in Romanesque style

eras in the history of the art Romanesque architecture Pisa Cathedral

It may easily lead to occasionally losing inspiration and courage. Then comes the role of periods of art history. You can look back at this and draw from inspiration and joy from there.

Yes, they faced many centuries and millennia facing the same challenges. Actually you can draw much inspiration, as well as ideas and solutions thereof. No matter, whether you are an architect or love the theme of modern architecture, you should treat this return to the past and the great eras of the history of art.

Filigree ornaments on the Gothic Cathedral in Seville

eras in the history of the art of Seville Cathedral Gothic style

Striking works from different eras of architecture

The beauty of the architecture and the special thing about the people who deal so, are whether this is a work for the benefit of society. No one can remain indifferent, and anyone who has ever been in a building, leaves own mark.

First-class Renaissance architecture in Florence

eras in the history of the art of Rennaissance Basilica Di Santa Maria Del Fiore

All of these are vital tracks, which have an impact on what occupies the whole for a final form, and how ultimately the surrounding landscape will enroll in the building.

Antonio Gaudí and Sagrada Familia

We want to consider now a work, which is distinctive for several periods of art history.

Sagrada Familia has elements of Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau

eras in the history of the Art Nouveau Sagrada Familia Barcelona

In other words, you make it, for the conservative, as well as for the innovative and modern social circles, as well as those, which already then boldly tried to look in the future development of the city of Barcelona.

A Pearl of the Baroque – the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

eras in the history of the art Baroque Rococo Cathedral Santiago De Compostela

Meaning and message

It would be quite difficult, correct and clear answer to the question, what is exactly the genius of the world architects. Try but usually give buildings meaning and message.

But that is not enough. Because, as it was explained just several people have need to identify themselves.

Classicism on Piazza Venezia in Rome

eras in the history of the art classicism Rome Venezia square

Figures with a single purpose

What you also can learn from the eras of the history of art is that you must make always with a purpose. The aesthetic claim must be dedicated in this purpose. But that does not mean that the latter must be ignored. But must a deeper meaning be assigned to the whole, to leave a deep impression, and to get into the list of works with a cultural heritage – status.

The Opera has been built in the style of Historicism

eras of the history of art Historicism Opera

From the periods of art history, one learns to develop strong communication skills. If itself, is as the architect, contractor, or simply lovers of architecture, what is the deeper message behind a factory, you can spread then slightly this on the various routes.

Tell a story

The architecture and their works are very comprehensive. Even before the eyes of all people. It dares so difficult to convey an individual message. The truth, however, is that watching this with such a character get a stronger recall and attention.

This is also something that teach us the eras of the history of architecture.

The Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias in Valencia – modern perfection of architecture

eras in the history of the art of modern architecture of Ciudad de las Artes Y las Ciencias Valencia

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles–post-modern architecture by Frank Gehry

eras of art history of post modernism Frank Gehry

Expressionism the Sydney Opera House in Australia

eras in the history of the art Expressionism Sydney Opera House

The organic forms of frozen wave by Zaha Hadid

eras in the history of the art of organic architecture Zaha Hadid frozen wave

Unusual buildings in the Deconstructivism style by Frank Gehry

eras in the history of the art of deconstruction architecture of Frank Gehry

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