Extraordinary Homes Around The World

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exceptional houses shell

Worldwide there are fascinating, extraordinary homes

In our world there are many weird and unusual houses, called a home. Some people live in caves, others on sailing boats and others at an altitude of more than 2000 m above sea level. If one travels to the wide world, you can see these and many more unusual homes. Virtually it is today also. On our journey through the Internet, we did many great houses and could resist the temptation, share them with you. Here we have compiled very original houses 10 for you. There is a wide range of ideas and designs – a gigantic conch shell, about former churches up to a fabulous Felsenhaus. Look at everything, and admire the ingenious creativity of architects and interior designers who have created real miracles. Extraordinary homes have something magical and addictive in itself, don’t you think?

The first House from our collection is the huge conch shell House in Mexico. Designed by the renowned Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, the oversized conch shell has organic design. It is just one of the many creations of this architect, who deals primarily with organic architecture.

Have to live feeling in another dimension?

exceptional houses interior design shell

A natural continuum with a minimalist touch

exceptional houses oval organic forms

The second house was a church in the past actually. It is located in the Netherlands and was rebuilt by Zecc Architecten. From the outside, you may guessed that the facade Church looks.

The typical shape of the window of a House of God is clearly visible

houses former Church

The interior design is a successful combination of modern minimalist design and decent church flair,

unusual houses, arches and stained-glass Windows

The roof arches and pillars of the Church are two of the most important architectural elements in the House

houses sturdy pillars

The skateboard House by Pierre André Senizergues in the United States

exceptional houses skateboard House

Extraordinary homes like this one inspire with its cool interiors and practicality. They serve mainly a hobby or a passion.

Skateboard facility at home

exceptional houses oval walls

One could really believe, lives there, or the Feuerstein family? This rustic House of Dick Clark is also in the United States, and brings us back in prehistoric times.

The facade hides completely in the wild environment

exceptional homes Flint family inspiration

A modern cave with style

exceptional houses stone living room

The translucent House by Sou Fujimoto in Japan is the opposite

exceptional houses transparent House

No walls, no secrets

exceptional houses modern building

The water tower-house in Belgium, designed by bham Design Studio

exceptional houses old water tower

The Interior is very functional and elegant

minimalist houses design

The architect Van Bo Le Mentzel has designed the one-square meter house, located in Germany

exceptional houses a meter house

Other versions of the extremely small house

exceptional houses a square meter

Dynamic continues with the slip-House by LEVEL architects in Japan

exceptional houses with slide

The slide is fun the whole family

exceptional houses stairs as slide

Here you can see exactly what the layout looks

exceptional houses plan

Mystical and bizarre – the stone house in Portugal

exceptional houses stone house in Portugal

Photos by Patrícia Sofia Ferreira photography

exceptional houses Felsenhaus

Here comes the narrowest House in the world by Jakub Szczęsny in Poland

exceptional houses the thinnest House in the world

It’s not for people with claustrophobia, or?

exceptional houses narrow metal construction

There we managed to surprise and delight? What exceptional houses have seen up to now?

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