Extraordinary Hotels – The Selected

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strange hotels, sea and rock

Take your dream trip!

Planning a trip soon? When I imagine my dream trip, the destination determined comes first and foremost. Tourism is my hobby, I must confess. A piece to bring luxury, is also very important to me, that’s why I am considering getting the hotel alternatives. Welfare is not possible everywhere. There are but combine exceptional hotels, hospitality, service, comfortable atmosphere and unique views.

You must visit once extraordinary hotels

strange hotels tubes

interesting hotels upholstered tubes

gorgeous hotels green sofas

magnificent hotels high window

strange hotels local

The Prahran hotel is located in Melbourne and is been designed by architects of techne. The concrete pipes, from which the hotel was built, are padded and 3 levels. The rear part has been renovated and now has a dramatic look.

The hotel offers the wine barrel

magnificent hotels trees flowers

gorgeous hotels beautiful nature

gorgeous hotels green fields

exceptional hotels panorama

strange hotels 2 beds

Take a trip to Germany, where you stay in a wine barrel room. That can never happen in Sasbachwalden village, which has 5 such rooms. Every room was baptized in the name of the particular wine, which had deposited in this concrete barrels.

Hotel cottage Palace

amazing hotels leather seating

notable hotels book shelf

amazing hotels trailer

Are you adventurous mood? What if you want to experience the seclusion of nature and the comfort of the hotel room at the same time? Allow the hotel cottage Palace in Berlin. The rooms are furnished with inside mounted caravan, which are parked in the Center. Incomparable!

Hayema Heerd in Oldehove

notable hotels Hay bow

modern hotels small table

strange hotels bed on the floor

amazing hotels colorful duvet

Prepare yourself now on something, what you never have imagined in life… And while this is Hayema Heerd in Oldehove, Netherlands. The mix of straw bales, snow and hay arc is a designer fruit full of imagination and taste that reminds of uniqueness.

The Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile

exotic hotels Tower

exotic hotels second tower

exotic hotels bridge

exotic hotels inclined walls

The Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile looks like a fantasy work. The hotel was built on a nature reserve and is similar to a volcano.

The Sun cruise hotel

exotic hotels ship

Have you even tried the sea on the land to bring? Give no trouble! The Sun Cruise Hotel brings to a spell in the reality. There you can experience the fun of cruising without any sea sickness. The Hotel looks like a ship and was built on a high bluff in 2002.

The aircraft has turned into a hotel

exotic hotels aircraft

exotic hotels white bed

strange hotels roses

Zeitgenösische hotels black and white

A whole aircraft was converted to a luxury suite for 2 persons. She is creative and comfortably furnished with Jacuzzi, sauna, TV, DVD, air conditioning and few other options. The destination of the flight depends on your imagination.

Boeing 727

amazing hotels plane red

great hotels airplane Orange

amazing hotels painted wood

Let’s briefly go through a rain forest in Costa Rica… If we need accommodation, we will feel very much at home in this hotel, which actually represents Boeing 727.

Boeing 747 in Stockholm

exceptional hotels trees

strange Hotel 2 beds TV

Orange Blue futuristic hotels food inside

Here we present the hostel converted Boeing 747 in Stockholm.  It has 27 rooms, a bar and a restaurant.

The Burg Oberranna in Austria

exceptional hotels green views

strange hotels round ceiling

strange hotels pink tablecloth

classically painted ceiling decorated Hotels

exceptional hotels King bed

The Burg Oberranna in Austria was built in the 12th century and later transformed into a luxurious hotel. Guests can explore the magnificent nature on foot or by horse.

Château of de Bagnols

exceptional Hotels In the fortress

exceptional hotels yellow building

exceptional hotels furniture pink

conventional hotels bathroom

exceptional hotels bed in diamonds

Château of de Bagnols is located in a small village in France. The castle is now a hotel. The historic building is marked by towers and moats and parts in new and old area. The decoration represents the style and atmosphere of the 12th and 13th century.

The Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel

exceptional hotels Fort

exceptional hotel blue sea

remarkable cave

notable hotels levels

The Spitbank comes to your attention Fort Sea Hotel. It is one of the 3 forts, which are built in 1700 on the Victorian coast.

Fort Leicester

exceptional hotels Blau Grün

exceptional hotels blue chairs

exceptional hotels 3 pillow

exceptional hotels blue carpet

Fort Leicester is located on the British channel and has nowadays become a hotel. It is baptized in the name of the first Earl of Leicester.

Stay in a caravan

exceptional hotels caravan red

hotels caravan inside

strange hotels of light brown caravan

In Cornwell, England, you can find a certain variety of traditional trailers, where the design has a cosy effect.

La Corbière radio tower in Jersey

exceptional hotels the Tower

amazing hotels 3 window

notable hotels upholstery

La Corbière radio tower in Jersey was originally and during the 2 world war an observation tower, is known as holiday accommodation today.

Sala Silvermine in Sweden

notable hotels black in cave

strange hotels large dining table

strange hotels red blanket

Sala Silvermine in Sweden consists of many different rooms, a Museum, theatre and dining area.

Zero Star Museum

amazing hotels vacuum cleaner

amazing hotels green wall

2010, null Stern in the Switzerland was converted into a museum. It is located in a nuclear bunker.

the utter Inn

exceptional hotels the House

exceptional hotels Red House again

exceptional hotels red walls

We are talking about exceptional hotels, we must mention the utter Inn in any case. It is one of the most beautiful and interesting hotels recognized worldwide. This artwork under the water was invented by the Sweden Mikael gene mountain and represents a fairytale world, where the fish on your Windows by swimming.

The snow hotel in Engelberg, Sweden

exceptional hotels Snow Summit

exceptional hotels many people

exceptional hotels bar

exceptional hotels glass ceiling

Enjoy the snow hotel in Engelberg, Sweden. As a interesting fact I’ll just mention that for the construction of this hotel snow have been consumed 3000 tons.

Snow in Romania

exceptional Hotels Sunny

exceptional hotels lighting Rosa

exceptional hotels Christmas tree

exceptional hotels yellow light

exceptional hotels candle

There is another unusual snow House Hotel, where I really want to get off in Romania. The whole set up is ice, even the beds.

Cottar’s 1920 tent

exceptional hotels Kenya

exceptional hotels long dining area

exceptional hotels many window

Back to the heat, we find a stunning hotel in Kenya, which is in reality a tent.

Richard’s camp

exceptional hotels again Kenya

exceptional hotels tent

exceptional hotels tent 3

exceptional hotels tent 2

As long as we are in Kenya, we can Richard’s camp visit., which is a magnificent collection of tents. To eat under the stars in an atmosphere you will never forget it.

Cedar Creek hotel

exceptional hotels branches

exceptional hotels House In Heaven

exceptional hotels high staircase

exceptional hotels glass ceiling

The Cedar Creek Treehouse hotel is located 50 feet from the ground and offers the most glorious views in the world.

Tree houses Alicourts

exceptional hotels 2 houses

exceptional hotels 2 people

exceptional hotels canopy

exceptional Hotels In the Woods

A different beauty in the same style, tree houses Alicourts in France.

Karosta prison in Latvia

exceptional hotels Karosta

exceptional hotels prison

exceptional hotels man woman

The next attraction is intended only for the brave. Karosta prison in Latvia.

Het Arresthuis

exceptional hotels high-rise

exceptional hotels long table

exceptional hotels purple lighting

exceptional hotels red pillow

Het Arresthuis was once a prison, but today is a luxurious hotel.

Pack up quickly, extraordinary hotels waiting to be explored by you.

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