Extravagant Family House In Israel Combines Luxury And Open Floor Plan

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extravagant House flat pool oval ergonomic deck

Extravagant family house in Israel combines luxury and open floor plan

The pictured below beautiful contemporary home is located in the rural province of Sharon in Israel. It is the work of designer Nestor sand bank. There is an exception in this pretty traditional area. The House is really extravagant for this context.

The plans with a generous budget are an exception here as well. Within the traditional Israeli rural ambience, this expensive and extravagant residence striking by their opulence and comfortable appearance.

White Leather sofas and wonderful rug in purple

extravagant House numerous built-in shelves large rug purple

Inside, the House has a four-part structure. All together, area exceed more than three acres. One of the first tasks was to design the private rooms of all four inhabitants.

One reaches it by incorporating a transparent corridor. This connects the main living area with the single rooms

extravagant family house Raumhohe window and sliding door

The spacious living room, the ergonomic kitchen and large dining area were housed on the ground floor.

Through the open floor plan, passing through without restrictions through the individual rooms

extravagant House unique modern art on the wall

The glass surfaces and roof double-please contribute to establishing an airy feeling in the room

The staircase has a binding, architectural and function as a sculpture extravagant family house the two sticks in a

extravagant House fine spiral staircase in white

Nuances, earthy designs and cool colours dominate turnout in the House, while the elegant art here and there, provides for adding coloured accents

extravagant House grey banisters and lots of solid glass

The real highlights were reserved for outdoor use. There you have the refreshing pools and meadows covered with grass

extravagant family house two-level outdoor swimming pool overlooking the whole facade

Raised and really inviting in this residence all about enjoying the lush green and blue magic in their various forms

Trees and shrubs in the garden look magical at night extravagant House great spa resort mood

extravagant family house In the garden in the evening

You also have the option to build a residence in this style? Would you do it? Or would integrate a few elements of this? We wish you much fun anyway.

Enjoy a cocktail with style

extravagant House long bar counter directly at the pool

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