Fair-faced Concrete And Straight Lines – The Main Components Of The Brutalist Architecture

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sight desert brutal architecture

The Wüstenhaus out of exposed concrete

Three Greek architects designed this extraordinary Wüstenhaus. ‘ Casa brutal ‘ was built on a rocky promontory above the sea. It is in particular to fair-faced concrete and brutalist architecture. The building structure is rough, but still inviting and luxurious. The panorama is simultaneously stunning and powerful.

The architects Laertis Antonios, Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos have founded OPA works together and since then worked on unique projects. One of their favorite styles in architecture is that the brutal.

This concrete building is a poetic tribute to the brutalist architecture style of the modern

exposed concrete House underground construction brutal architecture

This style had its heyday between 1953 and 1967. The term itself comes from the French – concrete breeding raw concrete is actually called or rather sight. It’s about a sturdy building material, fascinated by its simplicity, durability and bumps. In the New Brutalism, the lines are straight and the minimalist design is driven to its limits.

In the 50s, this architectural style was associated with the name of Swedish architect Hans Asplund of the 20th century. The architecture of Le Corbusier is particularly striking. Well-known buildings in the Brutalist style are such as the monastery of Sainte Marie de la Tourette at Éveux-sur-l ‘Arbresle and the Unité d’ habitation in Marseille. Other significant brutalist buildings are the Russian Embassy in Havana, the Geomatikum of the University of Hamburg, Bredero – Hochhaus, Hanover, Royal National Theatre, London, the parish church of Saint-Nicolas in Hérémence, the House Sindlingen in the Western front and the Rotaprint building, Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.

Endless expanse and blue Azur

exposed concrete House Brutalism architecture sea

Brutal in the case of Casa was depicted the brutal architectural profile slightly more dramatic and romantic at the same time. The primal forces of nature enhance the effect of the primary coarseness of this architectural style. The endless ocean widens before you and behind you, the gigantic desert stretches with all its challenges.

Imposing and rugged in appearance

exposed concrete House outdoor pool basement

The actual living area extends into the basement and the splendid outdoor swimming pool on the ground floor provides perfect heat insulation and offers at the same time valuable, refreshing coolness in the intense sun.

The whole House is a successful implementation of brutalist architecture in a simple and sophisticated manner. It is a dream place for real purists with a somewhat primitive taste at the same time striving for freedom and security.

Pure living room design with stunning views

sight House Brutalism bedroom minimalist

Open living plan and exposed concrete

exposed concrete House open living plan

Straight lines and robust stability

sight panorama window living room

Exceptional ceiling gives coolness

sight House pool blanket

Discreet romance in the desert

exposed concrete House underground architecture desert

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