Family, Fundraising And Familiar House Design – Modern Residence From Brick

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modern residence from brick symmetrically traditionally

Modern residence of brick

The White House and Gracie Mansion are just two examples of State residences in the United States. The President lives in the one and the other – the Mayor of New York City’s. This tradition was adopted by some non-governmental organizations as such by the State University of North Carolina in Raleigh.

Hobart Upjohn is the designer of the first residence built with a similar purpose for the State Chancellery of North Carolina in 1928. That happened in a new Georgian style. It’s a building with approximately 2500-square-meter area. It is located on the eastern side of the southern campus of the University. Today it has been converted into an art museum.

The architect Marvin Malecha is the Rector of North Carolina University and he has designed a wider building together with the Interior Designer Judy Pickett. It was completed in the year 2011 and has clear functionality. The place is named “The Point” (the point). It’s a complex residence, which has achieved a balance between various purposes. In the upper part serves as the apartment and in the lower – as a place for University events.

The House at a glance

Who lives here: The Chancellor Randy Woodson and his family

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, NC campus

Size: 2600 square meters, 1600 square meters semi public space on the first floor and 2000 square meter private residence on the second floor

Interesting information: The building was given the name of Ann Goodnight, also the largest donation for the realization of the building has realized. The whole project cost about 3.5 million dollars. The entire financing was provided by private donors.

Design and construction team

It’s the designer Ellen Weinstein, the designers John Rufty and Randy Beard, as well as the landscape architect Thomas Skolnicki and Derek Blaylock.

See the illustration of the Malecha’s design studios we the facade of red brick of the building

modern residence off brick Invitingly lighted

Here you can see Gables, chimneys, and a balanced composition. These were combined with minimalist details. They brought in a prominent staircase next to the courtyards. So, the interaction between the traditional and the modern in the foreground is brought.

Sparse surfaces, open spaces and easy-looking details. To give its modern look, the residence.

In the background at this figure, you can see also the Gables and chimneys

modern residence from brick generous veranda

The elements of a sunk and the up and coming are particularly strong. From the views from the rear you can see clearly the symmetry. This is also applied in the external and in the seating area situated below.

Here we see the covered seating area in the friendly facade

modern residence of brick covered terrace with fans

Once again, we remind: the ground floor is a public area. Here, up to 60 sponsor events and up to 360 other events are organized. The design in this area is aimed both inward and outward.

The veranda with roof fans displayed next serves the Chancellor family, which can enjoy from here out of view after

modern residence from brick pointed ceiling white beams

The building has won many awards and one of them is the Organization of brick manufacturers. These were awarded for the unique tile design, integrated original Mudbrick.

It achieved a wonderful aesthetic and sustainable effect

modern residence from brick close window openings

The large entrance area shows a grid structure made of stone and wood on the ground. Even the lights were integrated into. [The following photos are from]

The wooden floor between the joists was created out of cypress wood from the University forest Hoffmann

modern residence from brick noble mahogany wood

The cross nearby constructions have secondary grid. They are aligned on the fireplace and on the door at the end of the Hall. They are suitable, because right next to it was recognised the formal steps.

The central staircase integrated Southern traditions with their gentle slope and angular levels below

modern residence from brick elegant staircase and piano

The latter serve as a podium for the Chancellor. Where official guests are welcomed. If however, if you look at the posts, you can see the modern touch it. They repeat the profiles of the stairs in a fine way.

Everywhere they brought locally produced oak wood flooring. You give an easy and consistent appearance of the floor and the walls.

Warm accents are awarded the ambience by the red, Brown and pale brown patches

modern residence from brick Deckenhohe Windows and bookcases

Randy Woodson’s wife is the owner of a gallery and she has made an important contribution to the facilities.

The artwork selected here is an extension of the already used warm color palette

modern residence from brick abstract wall art red and yellow

With all the parties and fundraising events on the first floor, the dining room on the first floor was a must. Like all other rooms, this gets even natural light from two sides at least. You can see here also one of nine fireplaces.

It continues to have a direct access to the terrace

modern residence from brick crystal chandelier

Another Award for the building came from the National Association of home builders. The kitchen was declared the best in the year 2012. This includes a vaulted ceiling, and offers a large amount of natural light. The white cabinets and black granite surfaces. You can find very interesting details, such as the hand-shaped chimney.

Another interesting element is bringing in the stool under the extension of the kitchen island

modern residence from brick filigree track lighting

Next to the kitchen is a cozy dining area. This is supplied through the kitchen with light. This passes through the opening between the cabinets and the glass door.

Have noticed that the cabinets – can be reached by both sides from the kitchen and the dining area

modern residence from brick partition wall with countertop

Now we come to the last point in this article – a last look at the House. It offers an insight into the living room of the Chancellor. Behind it you can see the bedroom and access to the terrace. The advantage of the lower rooms is their width and the upper floor shows a vaulted ceiling and much access of natural light.

Would you give this State residence also an award and, if so, what?

modern residence from brick light grey and coral red

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