Famous Architects – 4 Strong And Talented Women Dare

4 other well known architects who are women

Lina Bo Bardi, Anne Tyng, Norma Merrick Sklarek, Denise Scott Brown – four famous women architects, which paved the way to a global style in architecture

Women’s names are uncommon even in modern times under the famous architect. The topic was taboo in the 19th and up to the middle of the 20th century. The ladies needed the strong male support, to develop in the field of design and architecture, even if they were very talented.Many of the works of renowned architects and designers are unimaginable without the contribution of women. They are responsible for many social innovations in this area, what be explained well with their female nature mitfühlenderen.The four ladies, this article is dedicated to those who earn a worthy place among the famous architects and they have played an essential role in the development of global music styles through their biographies. This is due to their unique biographies which have at the same time strong ties between Europe and the United States, but at the same time were connected to long stays, work or home on other continents.

Lina Bo Bardi

famous architects women lina bo bardi

The Italian Lina Bo Bardi, spent much time in Brazil. It was overshadowed in part by futurists such as Oscar Niemeyer. Lina Bo Bardi remained in the memory of many as an architect who look at people as a top priority in their work.She planned beautiful works of architecture which was very popular by the inhabitants.

Lina Bo Bardi was born in 1914 and graduated in Rome, has completed at the College of architecture. There, she opened her own Office in 1942. Shortly thereafter, it was destroyed in a bombing raid. That, has made her together with the small number of jobs, to seek other areas for the realization of their own.1943 her was offered the position as Director of the magazine of Domus.

The talented architect in the lounge chair designed by you

famous architects women lina bo bardi lounge chair

in 1946, she went to Brazil, where she was naturalized after five years. She was commissioned with the planning of the Art Museum in São Plaolo. Later it became one of the most important buildings of its kind in Latin America. Its design is characterised by a number of radical elements, including one of the first modern chairs in Brazil.in 1948 the Studio studios opened Lina Bo Bardi’ Palma Arte with another Italian architect. Together, they have designed furniture made of plywood and other typical Brazilian materials.In 1951, she designed the glass house, their own residence and the first masterpiece of modernist architecture in Brazil.

famous architects women lina bo bardi moebel

It was made in the 50s by Lina Bo Bardi-designed Bowl by Arper Chair

famous architect lina bo bardi bowl chair arper women

She was invited Bahia in 1958 as Director of the Museum of modern art in Bahia, in Salvador da. After the coup she returned in 1964 to Sao Paolo and as of this moment, their design has been greatly simplified. This late work described it with the expression “arquiteturapobre” (poor architecture).

Anne Tyng

famous architects anne tyng louis kahn

Also Anne Tyng earned a worthy place among the names of famous architects. She was born in China in 1920 in a family of missionaries of the Episcopal Church. They played an essential role in the design of Louis Kahn, with which she had a daughter.It was approved at Harvard Graduate School of design in 1942, and was one of the first women there. She studied with Walter Gropius and after graduating, she worked in many offices in New York. Then she moved to Philadelphia, to work in the company of Stonorov & Kahn.

Modern architecture and perfect geometry

famous architects anne tyng modern architecture

The architect had always been a sucker for platonic solids

famous architects anne tyng Platonic bodyAfter the company fell apart, she kept working for Kahn. She has built a building never alone, but she shared the passion of Kahn for geometry and that was crucial to his work. Anne Tyng, many considered his muse.Among the works that have been strongly influenced by her, including TrentonBath House and Yale art gallery.

Norma Merrick Sklarek

famous architect norma merrick sklarek modern architecture

Norma Merrick Sklarek has played many pioneering role on the field of architecture. She was the first African American woman who got a license for that profession, the first such in California and also the first female member of the American Institute of Architects (American Institute ofArchitects.)Born in Harlem, found it difficult to work with companies from New York Norma Merrick Sklarek. Even the terminator, to Columbia University is not sufficient to overcome the prejudices against them as African American. Finally, she got a job at SkidmoreOwings & Merrill.in 1960, she moved to California to work for the Gruen Associates. There, she felt but immense pressure on the basis of their gender and skin color. Despite these difficulties, it grew rapidly in the hierarchy and became a Director of the company in 1966. During her career, she earned a reputation as an excellent project architect, graduated from regular large projects. Two of the most important examples are Terminal 1 in LA and the building of the US Embassy in Tokyo. She had to realize both under time pressure and with constrained budgets.

The historical building of Terminal 1 at the international airport in Los Angeles

famous architect norma merrick sklarek terminal one los angeles

The United States Embassy in Tokyo

famous architects usa Embassy tokyo norma

Norma Merrick Sklarek left the company of Gruenand associates in 1980 and shortly thereafter, she founded Sklarek, seal, and diamond. This successful as the first company that is made up only of women remained in the history.Norma Merrick Sklarek did a special performance to overcome racial problems by their success.

Denise Scott Brown

famous architect denise scott brown

Denise Scott Brown, along with her husband Robert Venturi, had an enormous influence on the development of architecture and design in the 20th century. The total change of perspective to this topic has brought celebrity, but also very much criticism you. She influenced the view of many people on the modernism and the urban design in the middle of the 20th century.Characteristic of discrimination at this time was the fact that her husband won the Pritzker Prize in 1991 and she was not even mentioned here.

The architect with her husband Robert Venturi

famous architect denise scott brown robert venturi

She was born in 1931 in Northern Rhodesia. She studied architecture in South Africa and London. in 1958 she moved to California, along with her first husband, Robert Scott Brown. He died in a car accident a year later.in 1960, she completed her master’s degree in planning from University of Pennsylvania. She got along the way also a faculty member. It was here that she met her future husband and partner, Robert Venturi.

Denise and Robert in the creative work

famous architect denise scott brown robert venturi projects

Denise Scott Brown traveled much and spread the interest in design and architecture in cities, where they enjoyed still no great popularity. She had a strong influence in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Together with her husband and the urban researcher Steven Izenour she is author of the emblematic theoretical work learning from Las Vegas: the forgotten symbolism of architectural form. The book is in the German translated under the title learning from Las Vegas: the iconography and architectural symbolism of the business city (Bauwelt foundations).

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