Famous Architects – The Life And Works Of Zaha Hadid

Famous architects: Zaha Hadid’s creation process in their paintings

Zaha Hadid 66 would have been on 31.10, 2016. Unfortunately the famous architect has left us pretty early. Through her work, she remains but even longer among us and also among the people of the future generations.

On the occasion of her birthday, Archidaily has published a great article about how the process of creation by Zaha Hadid is reflected in her paintings and drawings. Despite the delay we would like to introduce also this great material.

Extraordinary shapes and futuristic concepts were umsegetzt thanks to the genius of Zaha Hadid in action

zaha hadid a great architect

Zaha Hadid became famous internationally mainly thanks to your striving for realization of original and avant-garde architectural concepts. In these, she could reflect the modern lifestyle. Their work is based on many topographical studies, which in turn were symbolized by flowing, flexible and expressive picturesque works.

You able to reproduce the dynamics of modern life and the work of Zaha Hadid.

The ingenious architect was ambitious and enjoyed a big success

famous architect zaha hadid

In memory of this famous architect, Archidaily has made a selection of her paintings. Through this, you get a clearer picture about their creation process. They are also of essential importance to art history. This is probably even greater over time, and many critics and buyers help to understand the philosophy behind the architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Famous architects – exercises in abstraction

well known architects and their architectural wonders

The famous architect’s imagination knew no bounds, just

images of zaha hadid astonish

The images of Zaha Hadid are architectural studies and exercises in abstraction, affecting all three dimensions. Their artistic approach represents an innovative worldview. Questions are the physical constraints of the design and the creative foundations of their work are obvious.

Famous architects – early inspirations by Zaha Hadid

In her previous career, Zaha Hadid was greatly influenced by the artist Kazimir Malevich. He motivated them to the use of color as a means of architectural research. In the 80s, Zara Hadid has realized their first projects. You were already based on many fruitful years of theoretical discussion of the subject of “Architectural design”.

Some of the picturesque studies on the subject of architecture, which emerged in this decade, were practically realized later in larger construction projects.

Studies of urban landscape

Zaha Hadid’s first paintings are essays from the research of the urban city. They observed greater plans for extensive connections within and between various cities.

A famous example from this period is the painting “the peak”. In this, the famous architect paints an artificial mountain range next to Hong Kong, which would offer the inhabitants escape and relaxation from the big city.

“The peak” reminds us of our social commitment for nature conservation and the preservation of green areas

impressions of the most famous images of the famous architect

In “The World (89 degrees)”, Hadid explored the possibilities of new technologies and their influence on architectural design. The work represents an abstract composition, which strongly resembles a satellite view of the Earth. The perspective was only from sharp angles, given the prospect of strong dynamics. The layout is crossed by a wide, curved horizon. His movement should reflect the constant changes in the contemporary lifestyle.

Famous architects – “The World (89 degrees)”

the Earth from a different angle

At the same time, these graphical studies are a new version of the existing urban landscapes. This is the case also in the work of “Grand Buildings Trafalgar Square.”.

Here, there are two particularly important innovative ideas. A public podium was included, that calls for the revival of the tradition of public meetings on the road. In addition building with public terraces are on the paintings to see, which correspond to the height with many urban landmarks.

The original ideas of Zaha Hadid will give us the opportunity to explore the urban concept of major cities from a different angle

the buildings from trafalgar square

Competition for the extension of West Berlin

Zaha Hadid also participated in a competition for the extension of West Berlin. Her project was called “Victoria City aerial” and is of an urban context, which was organized on different levels. So, the architect wanted to represent several shops and cultural sites in this area.

The modern and innovative project for West Berlin comprised the most popular shopping street in Berlin – KurCoverstendamm

west berlin revive and construct new

Underlying the projects of Hadid’s unconventional forms and an exceptional design

the project by Kurt Prince dam in berlin

In another project, she painted her idea of the extension of the Hafenstrasse in Hamburg, Germany. It was about attaching spaces within a city, which is characterized by vertical House hierarchy. Graphic essays offer a sequence of continuous structures with terraces, which lead to the river Elbe.

Zaha Hadid has designed a new style in architecture

hamburg Harbour project serves as a connection to the river

Zaha Hadid was also commissioned a series of picturesque essays for the exhibition of Russian avant-garde “the great Utopia ‘ of the Guggenheim Museum in New York to create. She has made an interpretation of the Tatlin Tower, the monument of Vladimir Tatlin, created for the third Communist International (1919-1920).

The forms into one another and bring an overwhelming feeling in the Viewer

the painting by the famous architect, hamburg

In addition, she experimented with recreation of Russian painter Kazimir Malevich and others. Of their student times up to the last years of their work, Zara Hadid used painting in preparation for their work as an architect. It showed that we must never stop with the experiment. Although she painted her entire life and took many participations in exhibitions, she has refused to be referred to as a painter. She has always stressed that these works were only a part of their research and planning processes as an architect.

Famous architects – Zaha Hadid goes beyond the limits of the ordinary

vitra fire station concept

Their unique images laid the Foundation for the emergence of new stunning architectural styles

projects are to the live called

The abstract ideas assume already form and shape – Heydar Aliyev cultural centre in Baku, Azerbaijan

imposing building in baku

The building amazes with its flexible forms which are graceful wö Ben and the elegant waves of water balance

zaha hadid and their architectural masterpieces

zaha hadid and her innovative architectural ideas shoreline

azerbaijan cultural centre in the inner

In Beijing there is a brilliant masterpiece of the architect

beijing amazed Centre

amazing shapes and figures in china

breathtaking flexible shapes go together

Famous architects – the BMW central building in Leipzig

bmw headquarters in leipzig

In this tower in Hong Kong, the floors as “smeared” seem to be each other

zaha hadid and their famous projects

hong kong and there wonderful wonder Tower

an amazing architecture attracts the tourists

Famous architects – in Shanghai we realized another project by Zaha Hadid


shanhai sky soho

the buildings woebt through the streets

an ambitious but not impossible project

Dongdaemun design Plaza in Seoul, South Korea

seoul and the imposing building

miracle of architecture in the new world

the architecture of zaha hadid in seoul