Famous Architects – Where Living You?

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famous architects of modern architecture interior design ideas
Where is actually the people who create the architecture?

Have you asked himself ever the question what for buildings and homes people live in, creating the architecture? You find it interesting to know whether they are in their personal life style, which they create professionally?

At an exhibition in Milan, you has shown life of the eight most famous architects.

1. David Chipperfield

famous architects architect David Chipperfield

His house in esrter place serves as a Studio. It differs by strict geometry, ergonomics, and execution. The simple layout and the background represent an ideal background for scooping.

2. Shigeru ban

famous architects architect Shigeru ban

He won the Pritzger prize this year. He lives in a House that completely corresponds to its beliefs and tastes. Here, the air, the natural materials, the simplicity and the asceticism are most important. This one has dropped a single tree for this architecture.

3. Zaha Hadid

famous architects architect Zaha Hadid

Their home also reflects the main idea of its style: it comes in particular to corporate education and lots of color. The House is packed with their own objects.

famous architects of modern architecture Zaha Hadid lounge

4. Mario Bellini

famous architects architect Mario Bellini

The House is filled with the features of urban style. Seen lots of graphics, furniture and works of art. The two-meter-high library is also striking.

famous architects modern home Mario Bellini living room fireplace

5. Doriana Fuksas

famous architects modern home of Massimiliano Fuksas of Dorian

Also here you can see the style familiar to their architecture works. He is enmalig, but restrained and simply and with love to detail.

Well known architects of modern architectural Home Office Max Dorian Fuksas

6 Daniel Libeskind

famous architect Daniel Libeskind modern architecture living room piano

Functional and above all in black and white, this space was carried out. The forms were as much as possible reduced.

7 Marcio Kogan

famous architect Daniel Libeskind modern architecture interior design ideas

The Brazilian also made his house in his typical style of architecture. He was buried in the contrast between the home and the guest area. One can also find many works of art with their own history.

famous architects architect Bijoy Jain

8 Bijou Jain

famous architect modern house set

Here you can experience a great individual Indian style. As always, respetierte Jain the traditions of his predecessors and added her own colourful furniture and many plants.

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