Five Modern Houses With Extension Design

new homes with modern extension design

Many houses need extension design, as they grow older. Some of them require conversion for expanding the family or for other reasons. It depends the wishes and the budget of the family, the reconstruction of the House will be as great.

MCK architects have made a bungalow expansion in Australia, so there’s more room in the House, and so that you can get free access to the garden. The new glass walls offer beautiful views of the whole area of the level of the soil.

Expansion of modern houses and new swimming pool design

extension design of modern houses and new swimming pool model

Architects had Studio hot to get the particularly important task while they expanded the rear part of the House the facade. After the purchase and renovation, the modern House has glass walls, a new terrace with a beautiful view to the swimming pool.

CHAN’s luxurious Town House architecture

new extension design with round geometric shapes

CHAN architecture is the designer of the extension Edwardians House, the annex was built instead of an old kitchen. It includes living and dining rooms and a brand new kitchen. The rounded geometrical shapes look interesting, without changing the character of the whole House.

Renovation design of IKE Kligerman Barkley architects

renovation and expansion design of current homes In the mountains

Ike Kligerman Barkley architects dealt with the renovation and expansion design of a house in Connecticut, which was built in 1979. The architect completed the House and created a new master suite, which is connected to the main house by a glass bridge.

Luxury town house by Tamir Addadi

architectural ideas for expansion design of town houses

The architect of Tamir Addadi created this modern extension design for a Victorian English House to make connection between the House and the garden. A basement in the garden was made for this purpose, to ensure direct access to.