Futuristic Architecture – As We Us The Future Before?

Futuristic architecture, which clearly demonstrates how we imagine our future

About what we understand by the term “futuristic architecture”, is actually pretty varied. Logical, isn’t it? Futuristic architecture is the architecture of the future. This will be very varied as well as our current construction.

For example, there are a number of buildings, which symbolize the striving upward.  These massive structures dissolve visually in the air.  These are imposing skyscrapers or other large buildings that weightless and airy look and accentuate the width of the landscape.

Skyscraper in New York City

futuristic architecture building and life Dragonfly skyscraper NYC

Other futuristic buildings symbolize the fascination with new technologies and emphasize their presence through the use of dark metallic colors. Futuristic architecture is diverse phenomena, depending on how we imagine the future.

We subordinate our overview this question now.

Сobra towers in Kuwait

futuristic architecture building and life Сobra towers Kuwait

Aequorea, the floating city

Futurists and environmental experts constantly draw our attention to the fact that we could soon be flooded by water. We have to learn to build on the solid ground, but on the water, to live and to work. This fear, or vision for the future must have stimulated probably the work by the architect Vincent Callebaut and its employees.

Aequorea – a floating city

futuristic architecture building and life Aequorea floating cityfuturistic architecture Aequorea floating city

The water towers of Kuwait City show excellent forms that allow us to reach higher dimensions

The organic and natural buildings in Kuwait are not only visually fascinating. You continue to allow us to reach new heights purely from a technical standpoint.

Its futuristic design is a typical example.

Bio pyramid – the rediscovery of organic forms

History tells us that our ancestors had knowledge, which were very advanced, and which have fallen into oblivion. How the great pyramids were built is not so clear and many suspect alien influence.

Bio pyramid

futuristic architecture building and life bio pyramid

The archaic and antique designs seem to hide much potential. The architects of the future intend to benefit from this as much as possible.

The bio pyramid, which is planned for Cairo, is a typical example of the perfect symbiosis between past and future. In size, she will exceed several times the Egyptian monuments.

Cloud capture, or how we bring the cloud to the right place

This is not a residential project, but it was created with the help of Korean architects. This project has the ability to be used to catch the clouds and bring them on a map, where it is really urgent.

Cloud capture

futuristic architecture building and life cloud capture

Such futuristic projects are for hope on greater solidarity and uniform distribution of goods between people all over the world.

Ecorium in South Korea makes the research in the field of the environment to the real experience

In this complex, research in the field of environmental protection will be held on a very attractive village. The work in this area will be very appealing. The building also represents a paradigm for energy-efficient construction.

Ecorium in South Korea

futuristic architecture building and life Ecorium South Korea

Dawang mountain resort in China

Dawang mountain resort in China is a symbol of Futurist aesthetics. This complex was built in the form of a space station, as well as one from the sci-fi movies. People seem to feel comfortable in such complexes…

Dawang mountain resort in China

futuristic architecture building and life Dawang mountain resort China

Will such resorts to dream locations be in a few decades? Certainly could you spend there very well his holiday, isn’t it?

The new nomads: skyscrapers of the future

Attempting to live on other planets is currently considered a solution for some of the problems on the Earth in large part. But maybe this is a dream that is not caused by the threat of the global crisis for many people?

Skyscraper on Mars

futuristic architecture building and life Nomad steeplechase Mars

That’s why such futuristic architectural projects emerge as “the new nomads”. They symbolize the new housing at small area, but still portable and stylish

Underwater hotel

Similarly, it looks with this underwater hotel. It represents a good perspective on the basis of climate change and at the same time anyway many people wish that our world with this marine life is one…

Underwater hotel

futuristic architecture building and life underwater Hotel

Cities in the sky

The buildings under the water are also a solution to gain more living space. We must inhabit the Earth on several levels, so that we have enough living and work space… Several futuristic architectural projects for cities in the sky to prove that just like the underwater plans.

A futuristic city in the sky

futuristic architecture building and living cities skyfuturistic architecture building and living cities Sky project