Giger Museum The Eternal Residence Of The Maestro And His Works

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Giger Museum alien

Giger Museum contemporary film and art history

Hans Rudolf Giger (05.02.1940-12.05.2014) was a well known and successful Swiss painter, sculptor, and set designer. Giger has made an enormous contribution to the field of Visual and special effects, and worked in many film productions.

Even as a young boy, Giger developed an interest in the ghastly and unreal.  His father was not to his liking and preferred that his son, like himself, is a chemist.  Giger would not listen.

High in the mountains the Chateau’s hiding Gruyère and the extraordinary Giger Museum

Giger Museum Giger Portait old

The face of the Muse by Giger is immortalized on many of his works

Giger Museum alien fragment

With his strong desire to communicate visually, Giger from Chur moved to Zürich to study architecture and industrial design.  His special drawings, visualized dreams and ideas in a brilliant imagery remained long unnoticed. Spacious and exotic women, scary landscapes and bizarre creatures – the handwriting of Giger is extraordinary.

The formats of its images can be not large enough. Carefully worked out details of the talented air brush make Maestro of all eight.

The work of Swiss artist is unique and visionary

Giger Museum alien fragment Portait

Something bizarre and eccentric, Giger BB´s style you recognize always

Giger Museum alien fragment drawing

Except the Giger Museum, also a Giger Bar makes for a unique experience

Giger Museum alien fragment Giger Bar

One day noticed his popular art book “Necronomicon” by Director Ridley Scott who was looking for something interesting for his new movie. Some of us know that this movie “Alien” was what everyone involved gained much recognition and prizes.

Unique Giger is his biomechanical style, in which he combines excellent organic and mechanical.

The gig er world does not end with the images. The artistic diversity finds expression also in sculptures, elegant designer furnishings in his style, as well as architecture and interior design.

Giger sculptures are distributed everywhere in this cosy and elegant castle

Giger Museum alien fragment known figures

The entire complex is an only Giger vision

Giger Museum alien fragment Court

H.R. Giger. it manages to win the sympathy and recognition of art lovers around the world. His artworks are known in galleries and museums on every continent.

Giger 50’s birthday was the occasion to organize a retrospective exhibition.  Under the title “Aliens dans ses meubles” took place the exhibition at Gruyere and surprised with a high number of visitors from 110 000.  Giger traveled regularly to Gruyère, where eventually his heart stuck.

The original can be seen props of all film productions in the Giger Museum

Giger Museum alien fragment alien

Art by Giger is somewhat strange and eccentric

Giger Museum alien fragment image

Every detail, whether on the screen or at the Giger Bar – input has been designed precisely by Giger

Giger Museum alien fragment input bar

All Giger bars look like a movie set

Giger Museum Giger Bar

In 1998, H.R. Giger. Castle buys Chateau St. Germain in Grueyere, where the Giger Museum is located today.

In the spacious Giger Museum, visitors can look at the most important works of the artist. In addition to “The Spell” and “Passagern”, can be found here many works from the set design. Among other things you can see””Alien”,”Alien 3″,”Dune”,”Poltergeist 2″,”Species”, or”The Mystery of St.Gotardo”

Life Giger’s work is collected in this museum complex

Giger Museum alien fragment input

You can find gig er bars in Gruyere and Chur, where Giger was born

Giger Museum alien fragment bar

Extraterrestrials and futuristic atmosphere greeted us in medieval Rue you Castle, in Gruyère

Giger Museum alien fragment sculpture

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