Green Building – Sustainable Eco-homes Of Green Magic Homes

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ecological building mud House innovative technology composite

Ecological construction and innovative technology

Did you ever desire in your garden, to live your flowers and trees? To be close to nature and to live this very modern? The American company Green Magic homes offers you this possibility. Unique green houses caused by the clever combination of innovative building materials and professional know-how at the highest level. Green building, that would be worthy of even a real hobbits in the Shire. It is but not absolutely necessary to be a Tolkien fan, or three times to have seen “LOTR”, to feel perfect in an eco House.

Green building as a result of highly innovative know-how

ecological building Hobbit House innovative Adobe House nature

Natural, organic shapes that draw our eyes right from the outset. Green Magic Homes with different coatings can be – covered green grass, sand, rocks or snow. Depending on the climatic conditions, the houses provide always a new appearance. They can be used even as a kind of farm, by the whole outside into a garden plot. Optimal sustainable food producing and saving energy are these houses simply fantastic, especially for people who have tired of the drastic environmental pollution and the irresponsible consumption of our society.

Close to nature experience ecological building

ecological building Hobbit House sustainable composite

Green building made easy

The construction of the House itself is very fast and easy to put together. Quiet three people can do within just fine days by about 2-3. The modules are made of high-quality composite materials (resins and natural fibers) and complemented by a perfect thermal insulation. The finished House offers plenty of room and plenty of light. The walls breathe and are completely washable. This generally prevents mildew and moisture. A pleasant and healthy environment is created as by self and offers a perfect living environment full of zest for life and positive energy to the residents.

ecological building Hobbit House Green magic homes natural sustainable homes

What looks from the outside as an ancient dwelling from Earth, is a masterpiece of the space age. Sophisticated construction, innovative composite materials and a lot of top professionalism. It is a future dream that has been fulfilled and offers us a perfect housing alternative. Are we welcome them and make them our living everyday life? Only time will tell exactly.

High-quality composite materials

ecological building Hobbit House innovative composite

Quickly and easily installed

ecological building Hobbit House light construction composite

Organic forms and waterproof coating

green building sustainable materials construction composite

Comfort pure

ecological building mud House innovative House mud Hobbit House

Rounded arches and a magical flair

ecological building interior corridor design wooden arkaden Hobitt House

External facade, which is hardly to notice

ecological building mud House innovative Nachhalitg passive house

Have your own garden over the head

ecological building mud House innovative environmentally friendly living Hobbit House

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