Green Roof – Good Insulation And Sustainability

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green roof modern architecture pebbles

Do they make a green roof in this year?

The green roof is a thing, which everyone wants, but always moves in the time. Can be understood due to the amount of work and partly that the cost. If however, you are almost ready with your motivation then we want to give the last push.

Think of all the great opportunities arising here. The surface of the roof is otherwise not usable. Now it can become a flowering paradise. Green roof can be created not only at home. Be equipped so that more and more business buildings. There are hotels and hospitals with such design also.

Green roof with subtropical vegetation

green roof subtropical Wiese Palms

Why do you need a green roof

Let’s together the benefits, offering a green roof… They provide a great effect on the well-being of the people living there. The green roof helps ensure that there is a great atmosphere. In the winter and summer gets to feel this man on your electricity bill. Because the good insulation provides more warmth in the cold seasons and it stays cooler in the summer. Humidity is maintained at very comfortable levels. On the whole, it is also silent. It is much better isolated from the noise in the city.

Artistic design on the roof

green roof tree installation

Things which they should have in the design of green roof in the sense

The first thing you should check is whether the building at all makes it possible, to construct a green roof. It can hold above-average load.

The thickness of the layer in which the plants should grow, must be less than 150 cm if you want trees. In bushes, you need about 60 cm and at other plants – about 30.

When the initial design, you should think of a very practical method for irrigation. Drainage system that works, is a super important element. To avoid complicated moments in the care of the green roof. The latter could be otherwise very harmful for the entire structure.

Roof greening trees

green roof trees bushes

For winter your green roof should be cleaned easily and quickly through an effective system of snow. Otherwise, this is way too hard and the whole thing can be quite dangerous as just written.

Extensive or intensive method for creating a green roof

There are two main methods for creating a green roof. These are the intensive and extensive methods. The extensive approach using succulent. You need not a lot of water and Earth. They can also be installed on roofs.

You need no special care and are therefore the lighter choice

green roof of succulent bushes

The intensive method of greening a roof means that you will create whole gardens, which will also require a very good care. This choice is compiled. Keep but also allows the installation of swimming pools and other facilities, which are great and more luxury.

A great Park on the roof

green roof Park trees avenues

How on the country

green roof colorful meadow wildflowers

Curved lines and lush green

green roof roof garden vegetation

Vegetable garden on the roof

green roof vegetables herbs

Traditional houses with green grass

green roof grass traditional houses

Administrative building with extensive roof greening

green roof green meadow trees

Relax in nature

green roof Lavender Yellow roses

Outdoor swimming pool and green area

green roof pool meadow trees

In harmony with the nature

green roof solar panels glass dome

Roof insulation and garden in one

green roof succulent pebbles

Vertical roof garden with Succulents

green roof vertical succulent garden bushes

How do you do the Green?

green roof technology soil layer

A walk on the roof accommodating?

green roof lawn shrubs flowers

A splendid meadow in the middle of the city

green roof skyscraper purple flowers

Tropical landscapes on the skyscraper

green roof skyscraper roofs

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