Holiday House With A Thatched Roof – The Fresh Renovated N By Maxwan

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cottage with a thatched roof Beach authentic

Newly renovated cottage with thatched roof of Maxwan

The Rotterdam Maxwan Architects has designed House N.

Built originally in 1938, the House is located on the sea coast at Noordwijk, in the Netherlands.

It was thoroughly renovated, its striking features are now a thatched roof and a spiral staircase

cottage with thatched roof square in white and grey

The House has a large garden in the backyard

cottage with thatched roof greenery and trees

Maxwan House N:

“The House was built in 1938, is located directly on the sea and was originally a Noordwijk Villa of a factory owner. The cottage was strong but by the salty air and the Northern weather damaged over the decades and was obviously in need of renovation.

The roof had to be replaced urgently and repairs in the basement were also highly necessary. That was not all but of course. In addition it has renewed window, renovated bedrooms and baths and some areas were now too small and did not conform to the requirements of customers. Therefore we had to also take into account that in remodeling.

The rear side of the facade look after renovation

cottage with thatched roof Raumhohe window

Maxwan architects were trying to preserve the original character of the House and make it a magnificent garden, where glass and green nature. There you can enjoy also breathtaking views of the nearby sea.

Now we go in the opposite direction, there is now the new kitchen of the present inhabitants of this holiday house

cottage with thatched roof stem kitchen

It is actually installed in a concrete, its color contrasts with the existing House, but does not disturb the entire color harmony.

Plenty of natural light streams in through sliding doors and large picture Windows in the House

cottage with thatched roof sliding comfortable leather armchair

Less is sometimes more

cottage with thatched roof panoramic window bright parquet Hözerne Tiger figures

Through the ceiling Windows you can see always the sky

cottage with thatched roof skylight round balcony

Both extensions – new kitchen and living room – are clearly separated from the existing structure by glass.

This comes but lots of natural light into the rooms and they look bright and inviting

cottage with thatched roof minimalist kitchen in whitecottage with thatched roof hood and worktop with a Matt Sheen

The customized spiral staircase elegantly connects the top levels, uses the balustrade to the treads and ensures the structural efficiency of the atmosphere

cottage with thatched roof open beamscottage with thatched roof narrow long window In the stairwellcottage with a thatched roof vaulted and curved staircasecottage with thatched roof elegant spiral staircase with filigree ornaments

The attic has got a new life new multifunctional wall furniture and large Windows

cottage with thatched roof geometric shapes and straight lines

In addition to these main components the entire House acts, somehow complementary again compared to the original.”

A successful combination of tradition and modern interior design

cottage with thatched roof elegant pendant and recessed lightingcottage with thatched roof tradition meets modern facade

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