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plate architecture concrete wall wall sight at home

How you can bring out the beauty of the concrete walls

Do you dare to deal with your interior design was bold and brave?

Then, the concrete walls are probably not a bad option for you. Sometimes they appear as a task which is considered still to finish it. Actually, but lighten the forms and put the accent on the room itself with its simple elegance and unique personality.

The rough and unfinished look of concrete is not to deny. The trendy industrial style adorns the walls. Although one can hardly first believe it, this style is more than inviting.

Whistler residence, British Columbia – sight at home

stairs concrete wall design glass railing sight at home

Skillful mix of concrete and wood

supporting wall bulkhead concrete wall bathroom sight at home

Industrielle vision and open spaces

stairs kitchen wood concrete wall decoration fair-faced concrete at home

This is a beautiful House. Its architecture will likely attract your attention immediately. Especially fall on the exposed concrete walls and its love affair with high-quality wood, which adorns the open and beautiful room of the Villa.

Concrete and stainless steel from Buenos Aires

Maybe it was the Atlantic with its cold and fresh breezes, which has inspired this House here. It can be but also the exciting creativity of young and talented Argentine designers. They wanted it a little bit the stereotypes break down and create a House with a distinctive character.

Byrne residence, Phoenix

Byrnes residence Phoenix wood panels bath sight at home

Here is a work of the architect from TheConstructionZone. You have undertaken the renovation of the residence in 1998. What do you like most about this House? The wonderful strategy of the use of concrete on the accent wall I like it very much. This draws attention also by the hochqualtative wood and the imaginative design of furniture. Just check this terrace facility with the fireplace and the concrete wall. Or what do you think of this modern home office or by the way, as you can see the Abbdildung of the concrete in the mirror.

Echo Beach, Vancouver

echo Beach Vancouver concrete

Here we see the House of a young family and their young just as vision. It’s a sustainable building. The building allows the Green alignment and if the home owner should decide to do so, it is also ready for a solar installation. She can also easily entertain themselves and ensures a general WOW factor.

These walls here look just spectacular with the light from above. This is a certainly a cool lifestyle.

Mountain Homestyle, Capitol Creek

Is there ever a better place for concrete walls as a chic spot somewhere in the mountains? Here it shows clearly that the idea of the concrete as a cold and sterile material is out of date. Here, the hippie style has a current meaning, and at the same time, the whole thing is super comfortable and warm. Through lots of glass, you will reach ultimately almost perfection.

Dorsey residence, Seattle

Dorsey residence Seattle concrete wall-mounted sight at home

The architect of this House are Coates design architects from the company. You have a really great approach to the concrete. The House increased the surface area to maximum, bringing the vertical space in use. From the distance, it looks like anonymous, sober, monumental double-storey building, with front panel to the water. After the entrance, a new world opens up: warm, bright and open.

Lima residence, Los Angeles

Lima residence Los Angeles contemporary architecture

The luxury is not always with well known brands and contemporary Italian furniture. He is much more in the details. In any case, this applies to the Lima residence, which you can see themselves in the pictures below. It was designed by Abramson Teiger architects. The beautifully designed concrete walls are decorated in pure, simple, modern lines. The expansive rooms and beautiful colors are some of the elements which attract the attention. This is a wonderful example of how connecting the outer with the inner world… Right?

Graham residence, Mercer Iceland

Graham Residence Mercer Iceland

The designer by E. Cobb architects have surpassed themselves with this building here. Consistent grey color, I have to say, be stylish also helping here by warm shades and bold shades broken up. To complement the superb views of the ocean, in a wonderful way. The effect is amplified by the floor to ceiling Windows.

Thanks to this window, the building can be defined as a glass house. It is amazing how strong and powerful material like concrete with glass can be so wonderfully connected…

Kurth residence, Santa Barbara

Kurth residence Santa Barbara sight

Would you like on a conventional rectangular House? Of course, you have the right! But you look at first, what the Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis architects in Santa Barbara have created. This is an atypical House with curves-like shapes and exposed concrete walls.

Beach House on long Iceland

Beach House on long Iceland wall glass concrete

There must be something exciting on the combination of sand and the use of concrete. It is absolutely trandy that to integrate the environment into the interior design. A tendency to be, it seems that one uses concrete walls, which are used at the same time for the good insulation and as a Visual focal point. How many other real estate in this area is this House majestic, warm and inviting. The House has also something crazy in itself, which makes it even more interesting.

Box House, Brasil – Bachelor lifestyle

box Brasil House juvenile lifestyle

There’s a good reason why this building is called the box House. However, there are some very strange: the design makes the most of the architecture, and the whole is elegant and neat. To create a balance with the concrete, the House incorporated lots of glass, and thus the Interior is spacious and well ventilated. You can say that also in this case the combination of concrete and glass is winning.

The Cresta, California

the Cresta California glass walls concrete look

This unconventional structure was called into life by Jonathan Segal FAIA. There is talk of the luxurious Cresta residence in California. Here, the creativity reaches a whole new level. You can enjoy here an industrial touch thanks to the exposed concrete walls. Through the use of materials with high quality residence provides a perfect indoor outdoor lifestyle. Did we mention the built-in lighting, which comes after the sunset in usage?

Czech Republic

Do you want an example of creative dealing with concrete? Here comes this material in use as evidence for upmarket Interior. Built by Oooox, that includes House subtle textures, mixed with wood and painted white furniture, which brings you some of the typical appearance of the industrial design. Because this is the design style, which the architects draw their inspiration.

T-House, Kyoto

T House Kyoto concrete wall decoration curve stair

Here, we have mixed a great example of modern minimalism, with Japanese design. The House is a creative work of Atelier Boronski. The interior design is based mostly on black and white and the concrete walls have a wonderful surface. This relatively empty space appears in the end truly spectacular.

There are several ideas for concrete walls and concrete walls to your attention

wall decoration fair-faced concrete home industrial skylight

But concrete wallpapers are here, but the effect is the same

wall design industrially exposed concrete at home a bit of color

Another combination between wood and concrete, this time in the den

wall decoration industrial fair-faced concrete at home dining table chairs

Mono-chromatic Interior displays clear lines and clean forms

wall decoration industrial grey sight at home color scheme

Large concrete slabs in the dining room

wall decoration fair-faced concrete home industrial indirectly light

Confidential Feng Shui atmosphere

wall design industrially exposed concrete home light soft

Buddhist room

wall decoration industrial Monochromatisch sight at home

Dining room looks masculine

wall decoration industrial optic concrete wall

Elegant bedroom has chic charm

exposed concrete wall design industrially original

Indirect lighting emphasizes the concrete walls

minimalist concrete wall forms living room

Minimalistic, yet striking

exposed concrete wall decoration industrial style fireplace

Elaborate bedroom

wall decoration industrial style bedroom

Wall decoration with concrete suitable even for offices

exposed concrete wall decoration industrial style sofa

Floating metal stairs

minimalist wall decoration industrial stairs

Elegant living room

sight home wall decoration industrial Interior

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