How Looks A Kindergarten Today – An Eco-friendly Nursery In Viet Nam

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kindergarten today sustainable design architecture Viet Nam

Sustainable kindergarten in Viet Nam

Sustainability Gets a higher priority practically in all areas of human existence. Seen up there already, that this must be done in the design of kindergartens. Because of the healthy existence of our little ones is this topic of fundamental importance.

Just so you have a chance to live, where you can feel much joy of life and health in an intact world.

We are inspired by the theme of environmental protection and sustainability on Freshideen also. We find super exciting integration of environmental education in kindergartens and schools and the architecture for a long time.

On La Bioguia, we found a super great article, which combines both aspects. It’s about an environmental kindergarten in Viet Nam, where to teach sustainability among other things by the architecture to the little. They have also the possibility to practice this in a great way.

Build a kindergarten today – future for our children

garden design and landscaping nursery today sustainable architecture Viet Nam

Green design and modern architecture

kindergarten today green architecture Viet Nam environment-friendly project

The project will be implemented

kindergarten today green design sustainable architecture Viet Nam

The floor plan of the kindergarten represents three round machined rings, which are covered with green roofs. Each outlines an indoor area where children can play safely.

There come the children with different plant in touch. You can interact with and experience with respect to nature.

A nursery can look today

kindergarten today green design Viet Nam modern architecture

Green playground

modern architecture kindergarten today green design of children's playground

Still it has integrated in this nursery Energiesparanlagen. Everything was built with recycled water and other recycled materials.

Sustainable design is called future

sustainable architecture kindergarten today of green design playground

Reexamined, many of the principles of contemporary sustainable architecture come to bear in this kindergarten. Even if you have no such nursery in your area that can accommodate your children and your lifestyle can make environmental protection, you could learn something for themselves from the today’s example.

A green roof, the use of recycled materials, water saving and reuse, the methods which you could bring in usage, to educate yourself, your children and all people to a healthy and sustainable life around all.

A Vietnamese kindergarten today

sustainable design kindergarten today green architecture Viet Nam

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