Imposing Contemporary Residence In México – Residencia R35

contemporary residence Mexico outdoor lighting

Modern summer house in Mexico

Long gone are the days when the building only by a few cross, boxes and cubes has been determined, any lack of imagination and originality. Modern architecture adapts the houses to the specific needs of the holder and gives these unique contours.

Here we see a contemporary residence, which is located in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. It is a work definitely classify it in premium and is characterized by a striking silhouette, specifically designed by the firm of architects Imativa architects in this case. It thus corresponded to the specific needs of the village.

From the street, the facade of the Residencia R35 looks like any typical contemporary home. Already after the first step into the Interior you will be fascinated by the interplay between private and public spaces.

It has seamlessly integrated the exterior and Interior in the common facilities of different levels.

The beautiful stairs make sure that the different stages of flow easily into each other.  The Central Court then becomes the heart and soul of the residence. One level below the Court, it has housed a refreshing private pool and is surrounded by a wide wooden deck.

Contemporary residence

residence Mexico designer architecture

Massive canopy on the ground floor

wood facade residence Mexicox canopy wood boards

Fresh grass in the backyard

exotic residence Mexico patio grass

Built-in pool

flooring wood residence Mexico pool

Privacy of natural stone

modern architecture residence Mexico pool privacy

Mixture of natural materials

contemporary residence Mexico wood flooring

Robust garden stairs

contemporary residence Mexico grass pool stairs stone

The lowest level of the House brings in a service area. Public spaces are on the first floor. These are allotted to the entertainment, the Smartwohnaustattung and the dining room. Through the wide use of wood and glass, it has avoided the dominance of a particular element.

How to find the idea and the execution of this architecture?

Would you feel comfortable in such a setting?

contemporary residence Mexico color home furnishings stained

Warm ambiance in the living room

contemporary residence Mexico wood panelling living room

Contemporary kitchen

contemporary residence Mexico dining room

Wooden beams above the bed in the bedroom

contemporary residence Mexico bedroom flooring wood texture

White appearance

contemporary residence Mexico wall decoration stone

Floating wooden staircase

contemporary residence Mexico wood steps railing

Built-in wall lighting

contemporary residence Mexico staircase