Innovative Living Container Where You Completely Off The Grid Life Skills

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living container autonomous module of off the grid

Oval living container for a greener future

This chic living container, called also Ecocapsule, is a low energy and was by the nice architect designed from Bratislava. It’s going completely off the to a sophisticated combination of luxury, freedom and mobility grid. Each module has an efficient solar power system, dual power system and high battery capacity. In addition also the foldable wind turbine, secures the extra energy for the needs of the inhabitants. The perfect oval shape of the living container ensures a maximum amount of accumulated rainwater.

As you can see, you can feel sustainability in every detail

living container sustainable living wind energy solar system

The Interior is no less interesting. Multi functionality and modern design are connected in a sophisticated way. In the residential, quiet two adults can live and feel absolutely comfortable. Small but perfectly equipped kitchen with adequate working space is available. You can stay comfortably in the dining area, take a hot shower in the bathroom, and then enjoy a healthy sleep in warm, folding bed. There are luxury hotel conditions, you can wear just about anywhere in the nature. Here you live with a good conscience not only adventurous, but also completely autonomously and freely.

The Interior has an area of 8 m ²

living container modern interior design compact

So a living container is perfectly suited not only for leisure, but also for research workers, or even as a unit on humanitarian missions. He is perfectly mobile and can be set to almost everywhere on the beach, in the mountains, in the forest, or even in the town on the roofs of high-rise buildings. The living capsule fits into a freight container, can be transported by car and even by a pack.

If you want to learn more about this sustainable innovation, go architects on Nice’s website or visit the pioneers Festival in Vienna on 28 and 29 may, where the residential containers are issued. Much fun!

Innovative tents on the beach

living containers off the grid beach wind power

Sophisticated interiors

living containers oval design cooking bed

Sustainable, urban solution

living container environmentally sustainable residential modules

Renewable energy and futuristic design

living containers wind solar energy environmentally friendly

Everything at a glance

living container housing plan sketch

Romantic nights-off the grid

living container module romantic sustainably

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