Innovative Window Construction – Ergonomic Project “More Sky” By Daniel Ferrer García

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window construction architect project telescope model

The ultimate window construction for the small apartment

Is this window building here after a master thesis project? Too professional, too innovative and refined? Yes, that’s it. The young Argentine architect and designer Daniel Ferrer García has Institute in New York successfully completed her studies at the Pratt with their ergonomic, expandable window “More Sky”. She has her master’s degree in industrial design. Not only in the study, but generally in their work, she is always on the people as the focal point of the architecture. Courtney tries to work against the indifference and anonymity in the design. Through this unique window construction, the designer offers a very practical and elegant solution for people who live in small apartments in the cities. It’s about a sophisticated design idea.

First class window construction for the modern urban lifestyle

Fensterbau architects ideas small apartment

Especially if you have a balcony, you can benefit from as a “telescopic window”. It extends outside the building and forms a chic alcove in which very comfortably relax. Here you can enjoy the sky and hence more light and fresh air, and why even the stars in the night. The innovative window is available as wing Variant. In this case, the seat turns to just outside and ensures a very different perspective on the sitter.

So a window construction also ensures plenty of light and more cheerful atmosphere in the room

Fensterbau long extendable window design small apartments

The window frames in the original is from light wood. The window can are made but also all possible textures and fabrics, which can be adapted to the specific facility, as well as on the facade. The telescopic version, you can quite comfortably and relaxed on the lower part of lean and just stop. The second wing model, you have the advantage that you can also comfort sitting. This window is suitable for meditation or for a kick of energy you can feel particularly strongly on higher floors.

Do you have an idea, where you can embed the “more sky” window? What texture and what color comes in question for you and which of the two models would you choose?

Refined design and robust framework in a

window construction architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia

Not extended the window to support and phone calls is simply perfect

window construction architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia ergonomic window design

The window frame can be decorated appropriately depending on the exterior and Interior

window construction architect Ferrer Garcia innovative design

Finally time to day dream

window building small homes urban architecture

Integrate an additional piece of heaven in your home

Fensterbau more heaven Fensterdesignprojekt

The window seat cover is just as ergonomic and comfortable as the whole window construction itself

Fensterbau telescope model extendable wooden frame

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