Japanese Architecture Houses By Shigeru Ban

Japanese architecture modern home at night

You will impress Japanese architecture houses by Shigeru – ban

He won the Pritzker Prize in 2014. This is a cause, not just the only reason why we want to write today about Shigeru – ban. The real reason for our report today is that we again have become attention lately on his great Japanese architecture houses. We had no longer get to see pictures of modern works of this architecture. They are inspiring and very popular in every respect.

Innovative and impressive

Shigeru ban architecture House Japanese architecture

Short to the Pritzker Prize

Did you actually some more about the Pritzker Prize? Jay A. Pritzker is founder of this high distinction in the architecture. His wish was regarded in the field of architecture to offer a price, since this is was not covered by the Nobel ceremonies. The award is sponsored by the Hyatt hotel chain. After the death of Jay Hyatt, the Foundation and the price will be driven by his older son. Today’s shows that the expectations are definitely proven. Through this award, to promote creativity in the field of architecture.

An architecture that fascinates

modern architecture Shigeru ban modern building

The building by Shigeru ban and the Japanese architecture in General

Shigeru ban has been several years of Yuri about themselves a part. That happened in the years between 2006 and 2009. Born in 1957 he was on the 5th of August 2014 he was awarded the prize. According to the latest Yuri, his work symbolizes the Mission of Pritzker. But in our opinion it symbolizes the best of modern Japanese architecture. Because these make it particularly sophisticated manner, to work at the same time local and global. The second is done mainly through the mastery of so distinctive for the today’s architecture air element. Generous allowing of natural light and modern technologies for its master make his Japanese architecture houses human and spiritually raised a specific far eastern manner.

Architecture with soft lines

Japanese architecture architecture modern

Especially modern building

Shigeru ban architecture modern architecture

Inspiring architecture

Japanese architects Shigeru ban House contemporary

Everything is based on exploration

As it is so often in life, simple, yet at the same time completely random appearing achievements are the result of in-depth exploration. Each building will be examined very carefully in advance. Only this construction is held especially for innovative, which includes recycled cardboard and cardboard.

The resulting works are set up very quickly

Shigeru ban House modern architecture

A House from inside

modern architecture Japaniascher architect Shigeru ban

This is a working model of great use in crisis regions. You can quickly create such buildings as they are sustainable in every respect.  This is all absolutely no coincidence. Because civil buildings are very important in the long run and will become more important according to forecasts over time. The good thing about the Shigeru ban architecture is that it is completely in harmony with the nature. The architect uses its power and this is a significant transformation in the Japanese and global modern architecture. Because so far this nature seemed to resist.  Now it seeks to create a stability and to want to live in harmony with nature.

Here you can see the House

Shigeru ban House cardboard Japanese architecture

Tea House architecture

teahouse Shigeru ban architecture modern carton

These are not only works for “emergencies”

Important works of Shigeru ban are also with regard to the development of Japanese interior design. For it is his works by far not only to build buildings quickly in crisis areas. He makes many successful attempts to make planned and created buildings for the users more comfortable and more pleasant even under normal circumstances.

A stylish architecture

Japanese architecture modern architecture Shigeru ban

Small, but comfortable house

Japanese architecture modern architecture House emergency

The Japanese aesthetics of the interior design and international achievements be made equally to benefit. Here she are taken first to a whole new, raised level.

Absolute pictorial evidence for this performance is the connect of to wide, airy room with the concrete, sliding doors and the white inflated sail that forms the corner of curtain wall House

Japanese architecture modern architecture famous architects

Other interesting features

One of the authors and its significance for the architecture – can say much more inside and outside. We want to suggest only some innovative aspects which it would pay to read more.

Firstly, he discovered the substitutability of paper and bamboo for the Japanese architecture houses and interior design. Because a number of forms could be performed equally well with both. So, depending on the region, you can decide which solution with regard to the resources of the region would be more appropriate.

He is one of the first that integrated in industrial construction, typical residential elements. A performance, which was not immediately tolerated by the contracting authorities is to describe clearly the employees to be friendly. He also takes on aspects of the international and Japanese interior design from the last century. He proves that the series-produced items by a surprising application might seem very interesting. Change and psychological and social benefits. So, we would commend its merit with a set.

The interior decoration in the style of Shigeru ban

Shigeru ban interior design living room facilities

Mural in concrete look

modern architecture interior design Shigeru ban