Kids Playhouses In The Backyard – 12 Beautiful Castles For Your Little Ones

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kids playhouses tree house with veranda

Kids playhouses in the backyard – 12 beautiful castles for your little ones

Any platform in the backyard, in which one can hide and play, will delight the children. Visually good luck that appealing including, for parents. Even better: It can be a place, to which we could sometimes escape.

Modern designs for kids playhouses achieve both. The little ones have climbing walls, bars such as the Fire Department and suspension bridges. Adults can enjoy a large structure, which is a prototype of the Mondrian CUBUS.

Who knows whether even adult children not use this space as a Home Office, space for flower pots or Studio.

We have 12 examples that hopefully fascinate you for the design of your wonderful kids playhouses in the backyard!

Some images such as this one bring me the following thought: some architects by the construction of the castles of the children in the years come back, when you visited lessons about working with wood in the school. For me, this castle here is a model of architecture which was so covered in order to reduce direct sunlight. Still, this is an example of the clever reuse of wood.

Also, I think that the kids with all the ropes and the stairs will have lots of fun. Ultimately it depends on exactly.

I have chosen the next figure for the following reason: this is one of the brightest uses of an old tree trunk that I’ve ever seen in my life.

A blue rain poetry

kids playhouses Wisteria Wisteria In the backyard

Although, I would recommend this solution only people with some kind of allergy to stings. But if this objection does not apply to you and your children, then this would be the best place to present some scenes from Romeo and Juliet!

Now see this split and raised above the ground Castle. Children can climb there, hang in there around, and appear from out of nowhere.

MOM and dad will enjoy through the chic contemporary architectural solution

children playhouses from light wood

Playful learning

children playhouses off Cedar bright and comfortable

This castle here makes the most of the available vertical space of the courtyard.

On the front you can see the networks tempting to play and fire bars

kids playhouses with network and pirate flag

From behind, however, there is a post, a slide and swing

kids playhouses wooden tower with slide

This Fort shows a regular style

kids playhouses with two sticks, light wood and Hellbalu

You have an attractive architecture in the backyard and the building is very suitable for children.

As you can see it here, on the basis of the night lighting, as the House around the tree was built see

kids playhouses on the great tree lighting

Here we see another example of these structures, the eye recovers somehow seeing this. The fabric is high and reminiscent of the Jenga game.

It has slats for hide-and-seek games and has its own terrace and coverage

kids playhouses transparent from wooden boards

Here you can see also the climbing wall and a balcony from the near vision

kids playhouses with sliding door

This cool, small cube is pleasant for the eyes of modern fans

children playhouses ultra modern colorful plastic panels

Inside is a wonderful playing surface with a Blackboard, a bookshelf, sitting at the window, and even a Panel to the hide and seek

children playhouses chic and modern with stuffed animals

The suspension bridge is one of the latest trends in the construction of the castles of the children and the houses on the trees

children playhouses magic Baumhäuschen with rope bridge

Maybe can you explain this by the growing popularity of Costa Ricka as holiday destination? I’m not sure, but I think this plant simply super!

A high construction inside made for the formation of a Fort inside the great enclosure

kids playhouses fairytale with open-beam ceilings

The whole family of the House took part in the construction of this Fort in San Francisco

kids playhouses High In the tree with narrow stairs

They used so many already used wood and other items as they come. This concerns also the painted window.

Now that the children are already grown, the House is used as a space for guests.

You can also rent it

kids playhouses hermit Romance on the tree

This House owners have made a small copy of their real home in the form of a game House

kids playhouses tiny Scholsshaus wooden planks in white

The family loves the Beatrix Potter and MacKenzie children. The interiors were inspired by them.

Also adult guests are invited for tea

children playhouses pink Chair and walls

The New York firm Palmer Thompson Moss created a 60-square-meter open space with room for ice, a stage, lights made of recycled materials, built-in benches and even a sandbox.

Hidden in the garden

children houses tucked away In the garden

Fun for children and adults

children playhouses sandbox covered

I think that no one can create something better for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien

kids playhouses magical and rustic from natural stone

Inside you can find a fabulous collection on the topic and the appropriate atmosphere.

The House even has a circular entrance Spanish cedar

children playhouses round entrance door and candle Lantern

These are all examples that I love! I’m guessing you like them also. I hope you got lots of inspiration and fascination by the today’s post! The unique Hobbit atmosphere created Ltd. architecture, Archer & Buchanan.

kids playhouses Hobbit cottage

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