Le Corbusier, The Fate Of A Genius

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Le Corbusier style

About Le Corbusier and his contribution to world architecture

About 50 years Charles Edouard Jeanneret-Gris is known as Le Corbusier, not among us. He left this world on August 27, 1965, for forever. However, he is much more present than people might think in our daily lives. His views on the architecture has the whole world in which such as live, much changed.

Le Corbusier is one of the outstanding representatives of world architecture. His works have gained a lot of popularity in comparison to many other of his colleagues.

Le Corbusier should plan take over his father’s business and repair fine movements

Le Corbusier book

“Starchitect” – Star architect

Sometime in the history of architecture, the English term “Starchitect” showed up. He was made just for people like Le Corbusier, to celebrate their incredible popularity. It is particularly noteworthy that Le Corbusier before the time of the Internet famous and became known. This is very difficult! The news crossed the ocean at that time almost as slowly as people. Just think about it today would have been known as.

The Parliament building and the emblem of Chandigarh, India

Le Corbusier reinforced concrete

After the second world war, the genius together with his life companion designed unique furniture pieces in his studio in Paris

Le Corbusier furniture

Like every other famous person, also this architect was not only loved, but also hated, envied, attacked, misunderstood. It said further again and again about him with much emotion even after his death.

In the 20s, the designers put five points, which were central features of the new architecture

Le Corbusier threesome

He takes his pseudonym from the name of his grandmother, which means as much as “Raven”

Le Corbusier House

His hometown of La Chaux-de-Fonds

If you want to visit the home town of Le Corbusier, the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, you would learn a lot about his work and in General better understand this. You can identify exactly that here lie the roots of many of his ideas. This is quite logical. Ultimately the architect lived here year of life until his 29.

Here, Le Corbusier opened his first Architectural Office.

After leaving the Switzerland, Corbusier in Argentina, Japan and India worked

Le Corbusier Justice Palace India

At the beginning of the century, La Chaux-de-Fonds was known as the city of the watches. Here, half of the world production was produced at that time! Imagine that!

The popularity of local watches not only with the technical development of high-quality was connected. Swiss watches were also so popular, because much traditional art was stuck in their elaboration. You earned it a unique character.

Le Corbusier was an artist, architect and designer, who designed indefatigable

Le Corbusier Villa Jeanneret-Perret

The young Charles-Edouard works in this industry, until he started to deal with architecture. The sense of time and the desire to get this under control certainly played a very important role in his further work.

How many geniuses was the talented Swiss of his time very far ahead

Le Corbusier SW

The natural light

One other interesting characteristic of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Corbusier’s hometown, was connected with the natural light. The landscape was designed so that much of it just flowed. This in turn facilitated the creative work of the architect. The building itself is turned to the street with large, floor to ceiling Windows. They had this openness, which architecture later along with other important characteristics strongly coined the Le Corbusier.

The Notre Dame of Ronchamp, built in the ‘ 50s, is one of the most famous buildings in the style of the modern

Le Corbusier Chapel de Notrdame France 1955

Villa Jeanneret-Perret (also Maison Blanche)

The White House is still known as Corbusier BB´s laboratory, where he took his first steps in the constructivism

Le Corbusier Villa Jeanneret-Perret window

The first project of the Villa of Jeanneret-Perret Le Corbusier’s behind this name. This is the House of his parents. It is located in La Chaux, as the hometown of the architects call the Swiss. The building was completed in 1912.

Here, the language of forms of was developed, which then greatly influenced his path as an architect.

Paintings by dials were the first art that made the young Corbusier,

Le Corbusier watch

Already in the House of his parents, you see the striving to integrate the exterior into the Interior. At the same time, the inner space separation was established that it offers plenty of space for different conversions.

The very well-thought-out paths leading to the House and “upper” garden are for outdoor use.

Le Corbusier was a fantasist, whose political preferences were no secret

Le Corbusier optimized

The inputs are almost invisible at first glance. After a note or upon more careful examination it is apparent that it is such. This gives the concept a certain mysticism, which is also typical of Le Corbusier’s later architecture.

The wooden lattice-work is distinctive for the garden.

Villa Jeanneret-Perret, Le Corbusier bid farewell to his hometown and developed here have learned in many other places in the world.

50 years after Cobusier BB´s death only the monuments remind of his genius

Le Corbusier Villa Jeanneret-Perret Bauhaus

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