Luxury Villa Valtanen By Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari

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luxury villa Valtanen window facade glass Moss

Luxury Villa Valtanen by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari

This affordable cottage is a building by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari, located in series, Lapland, Finland. It is a wooden structure, which is located on a cliff looking towards the forest, which consists of living room, sauna and wood shed.

luxury villa Valtanen plants balcony door window

“The use of new technologies and new methods of treatment have started a new chapter in the Finnish wooden architecture. Villa Valtanen by Lauri Louekari won the highly prestigious wooden “block House of the year” by Puuwoodholzbois in winter 2012.

The Wild Sanctuary, which is located in the vicinity of the Arctic circle in Lapland, combines ancient wooden buildings and modern architecture.

Black wooden plates form the facade of this country

luxury villa Valtanen stone facade environment

Villa Valtanen stands at the top of a rock, from there you have views over the surrounding forests to the distant hills of Lapland. The neighbourhood is characterized by dead pine trunks, are the scars of already past fire in the forest, and of fine glacial boulders.

luxury villa Valtanen plants dark wood panels

A place to hide in the wilderness

luxury villa Valtanen tree wood flooring

The task before the architects was to create a place to hide in the wilderness, which consists of a living room and sauna with separate wooden shed. Between the buildings, there is a terrace, which provides access to the two.

The balcony offers splendid views of the nature

luxury villa Valtanen tree terrace outdoor

The living room and the sauna have a grid of beams, which are typical of the old Finnish construction system. Between the sauna and the living room, there is a raised room with large Windows opening to the high mountain landscape from Lapland forest.

Compact and eye-catching building structure in the modern style

luxury villa Valtanen tree wood hut

The grid of beams are here no load-bearing structure, but the building has a series of systems, which support the veneer-coated roof rafters.

The side walls are covered with 45 mm overlap and serve as a kind of weather coat. They allow the use of short eaves, which show almost no overhang.

Everything in this building is made of wood

luxury villa Valtanen wood facade wood floor beam window

The gable wall is protected by traditional eaves with long overhang.

The dark end of the external walls helps the building into the landscape “round einzuschmelzen”. In contrast, the oiled oak end brings light on the entrance facade. The theme of this building, which was built in the North of Rovaniemi and the nödrlichen Arctic Circle, is the localization. Bar grilles, window, doors, forms the façade and other Carpenter crafts created by local businesses.

Mountain cabin or luxury villa that the views depends on

luxury villa Valtanen natural wood door glass entrance

The only products that were imported from the outside were the Solarpanellen and their batteries and compost departments.

Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari is a Finnish architect Office of Lauri Louekari. Wood has played a key role in the Lauri Louekari BB´s Archutektur from the beginning.

Wood flooring consists of long panels

luxury villa Valtanen plant exotic trees forest

Ceiling-to-ceiling Windows allow flood light

luxury villa Valtanen window facade glass

Cozy bedroom combines design with the kitchen area

luxury villa Valtanen kitchen range countertop bed

The doctoral thesis by Lauri Louekari “Forest architecture” treated the relationship between architectural space and the Woods in the Finnish architecture. Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari is located in Oulu, North of Finland.”

Open structure without railings

Luxury Villa Valtanen magnificent nature

Floor plan of the building

luxury villa Valtanen building structure design plan

Plan of facade

luxury villa Valtanen design blueprint concept

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