Magic Playground On The Ceiling Of A Department Store

playground secret garden architecture

Playground on the ceiling of a department store

The roof of a department store in a has a great project in South Korea great cast garden and playground for children. D was inspiredas design by typical Korean tapestries.

With architects, the Shinsegae Department and the artist do-Hu Suh have worked because the Olson company understands. The kids will enjoy this project by they rise high on the ceiling of the multifunctional building.

Modern architecture

Magic playground garden for children

playground garden architecture for children great

Modern architecture

playground garden architecture for children

On the terrace it has housed a series of quirky and exciting entertainment spaces. There to find a tree house in the shape of a bird’s nest , something strange, isn’t it? The design also includes a sandbox. Here the children whose wild archaeological ambitions can play. You crawling just like in the movie Indiana Jones around.

The meandering contours also create an interactive and fun area, where children can move freely.

Playground for children

playground secret garden architecture children

Children can also play in a Labyrinthgarden. Is there still a steam Chamber and an elephant fountain available. In the Middle a number of Tierskulpture located in these incredible spaces of the playgroundn. Among other things you can find there sculptural representations of flowers or an antelope.


playground garden architecture for children

Animal sculptures

magic playground garden architecture children

Has the designer Suh an a r Series with more subtle mechanism worked . These were worked by hand and gemalt. The materials from which the great characters have arisen especially wood and metal.

One has decided, through a project the quality of life of de r To raise children. This city is mainly made of concrete and that’s why as a playground, which is so close to nature, has become as urgent proved necessary. That’s why here to find many elements of garden equipment. Here also many public events take place, such as theatreperformances and film screenings,.

Of course we do not have the environmental educational aspect forget . It has used many native plants, which can meet the little ones through the project in a great way.

This is definitely one of the coolest children’s playgrounds in the world, don’t you find?