Magic Tree House In Berlin – Modern Architecture

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The modern architecture of the Berlin tree house

Today we invite you to a great trip to the tranquil construction site in the forest in a small facility in the vicinity of Berlin. It is located next to the popular Lake Krumme Lanke. These urban tree houses provide you everything you need within a compact place of refuge. It covers an area of 28 square metres.

Magic Tree House

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The apartments at four metres are used to

Magic Tree House Berlin Treehouse Hotel wood flooring

The whole order was designed by the company urban Treehauses. This is in cross mats way.

The main idea that is behind this is to connect the urban nature

Magic Tree House Tree House Hotel Berlin facade

The houses are built from solid wood. Still they are covered with a sculptural metal facade. Thus, they relate to the environment around us.

Interesting and characteristic of the work of the architects on the ground is that they consult with the potential residents let

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You ask them what they like to wish of the architecture and how exactly they imagine their life there. To the whole effect slightly funnier, more likely something more unusual or rather quieter?

Asked is also what one perceives as luxury: if it has more or fewer items? Anyway, anyone who stayed here must cope with the idea of living in small houses.

The architecture of this complex in a country was built freely by industrialization

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Rather, it is located within the urban area. It lies between nature and the city. You have many opportunities to participate in normal everyday life. It comes quickly to restaurants, the bakery or in the beer garden.

At the same time it is but remote enough to enjoy the everyday life from a distance. One is busy with things such as plants and insects, which often represents the best diversion from everyday life.

The architect, who created this work live in Bremen

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His name is Andreas Wenning and he is one of the leading experts in this area. Everything started in the form of a private hobby. But then, tree area has created 50 great and super custom tree house designs. He does wonders with tree design at the moment and this will go so well for many years!

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