Mallorca Home Buying – Stylish, Traditional Residences Of Bastidas Architecture

Mallorca home buying outdoor pool

Would you buy such a Mallorca House?

There are many different ways that you could make successful advertising. But the best thing is that you simply lovingly creates a masterpiece for the people and totally dedicated to the arts. Then it gets around by themselves and serves as inspiration for everyone else. It is glad that there are these works and they bring only positive feelings at all.

We are of the opinion that the work of Bastidas Architecture represents an example. We would buy us like a House on Mallorca. And you? But see the beautiful examples and leave the answer only for the end of this article.

Typical architecture in Mallorca

Mallorca home buying/Ranch courtyard

The history of the island is incorporated

The island of Mallorca has many aspects that make it unique. The long and glamorous Royal history is quite safe. The gems, which here to discover are in the historic objects, seem with their splendour in the authors of the project as sources of inspiration for the Interior to have served. It consists of very high-quality materials. You have a restrained character, are more accurately considered very precious and thus also clearly luxuriously. Still, you can find also some works of art, indicating on the life of the monarch here and also on their hobbies.

Spacious hallway with open-beam ceilings

Mallorca home buying open beams

Clear identification

If you buy such a Majorca home and set up by this company would lets you connoisseurs only through a few images, where you are actually. Because the styles which occur here are obvious to identify. (The monarchical style) and at the same time specifically Spanish itself have something generally European. They bear the mark of the nobles, Act but also somehow patriarchal. The House facilities have many traditional characteristics. But in several ways it can be marked as bold and modernist.

Wrought iron and marble

Mallorca home buying wrought iron chairs marble table

Fireplace and brick

These items are traditional and very typical of the architecture of all the works, of which today is the speech. The sensual warmth is also here in cool winter nights wondering even if not as much as in some regions of Northern Europe. The fireplace has a high decorative value and a central area in the overall facilities in the guestrooms.

Stable pillars and traditional fireplace

Mallorca home buying fireplace

Giant garden

The shadow in the interiors and the huge garden area out there can perfectly explained by the climatic conditions of the region. The great habitable terraces, which are stylish and sophisticated as many of the rooms inside no less serve as transition. It is interesting that it has waived the seamless transition between inside and outside through floor to ceiling Windows. Rather it has decided to protect yourself from the Sun bouncing in the summer. The cover to the environment is in the correspondence of shapes, colors and textures. Here you can enjoy a complete harmony and relaxation.

So, how would you answer now the question: you would buy a house in Majorca?

Robust table of stone, and rattan chairs

Mallorca home buying massive dining table stone fountain

Mallorca Finca from the bird’s eye view

Mallorca home buying/Ranch bird perspective

Picturesque landscape overlooking the sea

Mallorca home buying scenic

Stone facades and spacious courtyards

Mallorca home buying traditional architecture

Modern kitchen with antique elements

Mallorca home buying antique design kitchen kitchen island

Quiet refuge with subtropical vegetation

Mallorca home buying courtyard

Freestanding claw foot bathtub – the classic

Mallorca House buy claw foot bathtub

Vintage fittings and authentic wall tiles with a filigree ornament

Mallorca home buying antique faucet tiles

Solid wood and fine carving

Mallorca home buying solid wood carvings

Minimalist fireplace in anthracite

Mallorca home buying minimalist fireplace

Modern kitchen with old-world flair

Mallorca home buying modern kitchens

Polar white and warm wood shades

Mallorca home buying modern bathroom sink square bathtub

Oriental flavour with old lanterns

Mallorca home buying Oriental lanterns

Vintage rain shower

Mallorca home buying retro rain shower

Arched perfection and relaxing coolness

Mallorca home buying pillars arcades

Stone paving and wall greening

Mallorca home buying sun terrace

River stones give romantic touch the floor

Mallorca home buying stone ground floor

Authentic and stable with grape vines

Mallorca home buying stone courtyard

Traditional oven and antique furniture

Mallorca home buying traditional cuisine

Spacious covered terrace with magnificent views

Mallorca home buying covered terrace

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