Manor Houses Garden-the Splendor Of Lower Saxony

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mansions gardens Hanover full sunny

Manor houses Gärten-a beauty, you should necessarily experience

The mansions are located in the beautiful Lower Saxony capital of Hanover gardens.

The beginning of manor houses is gardens very, very long time back in the past. It all began about 300 years ago with a kitchen garden for horticulture of the Royal family. In time until today have changed the gardens, enlarged and embellished visible. Hannover was completely destroyed in the second world war. For the glory of the gardens, there was unfortunately no mercy.

A pure fascination is the elaborate landscaping and the mixture of the old and the contemporary

mansions gardens Hannover map

Today, the gardens are incredibly vivid. You are a remarkable sight that is tempting for many tourists. For the Hanoverian, the gardens are a favourite tourist destination, where you like to spends his spare time. Except for the peace and the beautiful nature, any visitors here, too much culture, which has been carefully protected in all historical periods and today the Hanoverian can be proud.

The herrenhäuser gardens consist of four garden plants: large garden, the garden of the mountain, the Georgen garden and garden of the House of Welf.

A journey to Hanover is worth in any case

mansions gardens Hanover Castle

The Royal gardens are visually – and recommended

mansions gardens Hannover by the large garden

The large garden

The large garden is located in the heart of the stately homes gardens. With its glory, he is one of the most important and well preserved baroque gardens in Europe. He remained almost unchanged over the centuries, and with its size of 50 hectares, it is a French baroque art direction. Yet the large fountain which is illuminated at night, the garden theater, in which there are regular performances and the splendid labyrinth are well preserved.

Hannover presents classic and modern culture and landscape architecture

mansions gardens Hanover large garden

In the garden a lot is from the baroque to the contemporary to discover

mansions gardens Hanover water games the stairs

Theatrical performances held every summer in the Garden Theatre

mansions gardens Hanover the garden Theater

The gardens are charming and admirable in his own way in every season

mansions gardens Hanover panorama

Rich botanical diversity just waiting to be discovered in the Hill Garden

mansions gardens Hanover new

In addition to the Baroque, the futuristic building of the former forest House rests

mansions gardens Hanover the rainforest house

In the Hill Garden is the Orchid House. In the outdoor area, we find numerous plant species

mansions gardens Hanover Hill Garden of Orchiddenhaus Waldhaus

The mountain garden

The history of the Botanical Garden of show “Mountain Garden” dates back to the middle of the 17th century. The current appearance results from a structure over longer period of time. The development of manor houses started the mountain Garden Gardens. It was originally the aforementioned kitchen garden for vegetables. Today is the mountain garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Germany. The garden offers a botanical variety, here is located the famous Orchid House and the modern forest House, what is an aquarium since 2006.

The Leibniz Temple in the Georgen garden is a favorite place of relaxation for many Hanoverians

mansions gardens Georgen garden Leibniz Temple

Avenue enchanted manor houses locals and tourists again

mansions gardens Hannover Hannover love

Photo: Hannover love

The Georgen garden

The Georgen garden is a city park in the style of English landscape garden. The history of the Georgen garden begins in the 18th century. New estates of Hanover cure Stadtadligern were built in the floodplain of the river Leine. This place is also known as line March. Shortly thereafter, the four-lane mansion Avenue was built, which was a 2 km-long connection between the Schloss Herrenhausen and the city of Hanover.

The Avenue is a popular motif for all photographers

mansions Hanover Gardens Fountains Avenue spring

The herrenhäuser Allee starts the King Word forth place and leads to the entrance of the herrenhäuser gardens

mansions gardens Hanover manor houses Avenue

During a walk in the George garden you forget that you are actually in the city

mansions gardens Hannover love Georg garden

Photo: Hannover love

The beauty of Royal gardens is well known

mansions gardens of Hanover George garden

Meet on the meadows from the Wilhelm Busch Museum many people to work

mansions gardens Hanover Wilhelm Busch Museum

In the large garden, there are three bridges that have been built according to plans by architect Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves. One of the today well-maintained bridges connect the Georgen garden with large garden.  Here also is the Wilhelm Busch Museum “German Museum of caricature and character art”, which was previously known under the name of Georg Palais.

The fountain in the garden is a real work of art

mansions Hanover gardens fountain

The House of Welf garden

The Guelph Garden Gardens is a part of manor houses. First, he was later – a baroque garden, a landscaped garden and in the rest of the time he was transformed again and again.

The close proximity makes the garden a popular hangout and meeting point for many young people to the main building of the University.  The building is known as the Guelph’s Castle, as it was formerly a possession of the Royal family. The appealing at this park area is the variety of old and large trees.

Mighty beech, oak, chestnut and maple trees invite you to relax and dream. A large pond with large lawns the Welfengarten makes even more attractive. A modern and spacious children’s playground in the middle of the green awards a still sympatischeren nature park.

When the weather is nice you can admire even more the landscape architecture of the Royal gardens

mansions gardens Hanover Georgen garden

Fortunately, the historical value of the herrenhäuser gardens is well reproduced

mansions gardens Hanover maze

Baroque, romantic and modern result in a superior experience for every visitor

mansions gardens Hanover art

The herrenhäuser gardens are a world-famous tourist attraction and are constantly modernized. Apart from the outstanding landscape architecture and relaxing atmosphere, the gardens are complemented by modern additional buildings. An example of this is the grotto of the Belgian artist Niki de Saint Phalle, which is to be found here.  The early modern forest House is today a top-of-the-art Aquarium. Not to be forgotten is the new site of the Orangery, which is a popular venue for concerts and various events.

The unique Niki de Saint Phalle Grotto and other interesting works of the artist are here

mansions gardens Hanover Niki De Saint Phalle

The outstanding landscape architecture of gardens, and many sites seem to be not enough. The magic of the mansions is reinforced by the International Fireworks competition every summer gardens. The result is stunning and is to be seen absolutely!

Classical concerts, experimental art, and even wedding ceremonies take place in the Orangery

mansions gardens Hanover Orangery

Through the International Fireworks competition, Hannover finally WINS your heart

mansions gardens Hanover Fireworks competition perfect

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