Metro Moscow – One Of The Most Beautiful Subways Of The World

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Moscow metro photos by David Burdeny

The majestic beauty of the Moscow metro

Take the subway can be a real experience, especially if you visit the capital of Russia. Also the architect and photographer David Burdeny has identified. The Canadians is probably the only photographer who has photographed the subway stations in Moscow. The preparation for this project has taken more than a year, and for the realisation of Burdeny has received the permission of the competent authority. So he was allowed to rent the Metro stations of people and cars by the hour. Of course, this is possible only after midnight. And over the course of 2 weeks, David Burdeny has shot following stunning images…

The Metro in Moscow: Elektrozavodskaya Metro station

Metro David Burdeny Moscow metro

Moscow metro

Moscow metro stops from David Burdeny

Mayakovskaya Metro station

Moscow metro stops photography by David Burdeny

Short info of the Moscow metro

The Metro in Moscow was opened in 1935 under the reign of Stalin. The magnificent architecture of the stations reflects the cult to the former Soviet Union in the city centre. The very high ceilings and luscious chandeliers should represent the bright future of the Soviet Union. Some of the Soviet leaders like Lenin can be seen on the walls.

The Metro station Komsomolskaya, which you can see right here is regarded as one of the most beautiful stations.


Moscow metro stops photos David Burdeny

The Moscow metro is one of the most beautiful and bustling subways of the world. What is more remarkable, is the depth of their tunnel. The Moscow metro make this also one of the deepest in the world.

Let yourself be charmed by the majestic beauty of the following Metro stations. We wish you a trip to the Russian capital to enjoy this spot.


notable Metro stops photos David Burdeny Moscow metro


Metro Moskau Fotografer David Burdeny

Kiyevsskaya South

Moscow metro photography by David Burdeny

The magnificent beauty of the Soviet Union

Moscow metro photos David Burdeny Moscow metro

Sokol Metro station

Moscow metro stop David Burdeny


Moscow metro by David Burdeny stop


Moscow metro stops Photo Gallery David Burdeny Moscow metro

Avoto subway station in St. Petersburg

Metro stops photos David Burdeny Moscow metro

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