Modern Architecture: A Family Home In The Japanese Province Of Shiga

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In this article we show you a family house in the Japanese province of Shiga. The design was designed and realized by the local studio Hearth Architects. Kyomachi House is located in Koga, a city in the southern part of Shiga province. The city was founded in the 14th century. At that time, this was an important stop on the route from Kyoto to Edo.

This home is a perfect example of Japan’s modern architecture

Modern architecture of Japan - an example

The modern architecture of the house and the main idea behind it

The studio Minakuchi was commissioned with the design and planning of the house. It arose at a point where two roads converge towards the southeast. This also determined the orientation of the house and she again caused much natural light and warmth.

In order to make the best of it, the house designers have also freed up as much space as possible for the inner garden.

Modern architecture often incorporates interior gardens

Modern architecture with an interior garden and a tree

The integrated garden

The modern architecture of the house and the garden make equally the character of the project. The garden also serves as a kind of covered courtyard. Its roof is opened by a window. This was positioned just above the area where many plants, including a tall tree, were used. The rest of the soil is covered with pebbles.

Modern functional wall of the garden

Bank in the facade - functional modern architecture

Functional garden walls

The walls around the garden are made of natural materials and also quite high. This makes the private space of the house residents very well protected. Two openings provide natural ventilation. The first one is on the facade of the house and has a wooden lattice. This protects the private space, but at the same time gives the opportunity to look both inside and outside. In the second opening, which was positioned on the side, a wooden bench was installed. It is covered by the prominent roof of the house. The inner walls of the garden house also have openings that allow a view into the garden from the interior rooms. In the winter the whole arrangement is even brighter than in the summer because the leaves of the large tree fall off in the middle of the garden in autumn.

The tree is thus not only the symbolic and real center of the whole house architecture but also symbolizes the adaptation of modern architecture to nature and its seasons. This is a project of the architects and this goal is particularly evident when one also takes into account the fact that the tree is visible from all sides.

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Dining room in rural Japanese style

Dining room table and modern house architecture

The house architecture

The modern architecture of the house is simple and also optimally uses the natural conditions. The kitchen was positioned in the back of the house. From a few steps you can reach the white-painted lounge. In this room, we discover two windows – one of the upper floors and another facing the street.
The floor is laid with wooden panels in grid pattern. The furniture consists of a built-in sofa and a stabilizer. The ground floor and the upper floor are connected by a light staircase, which is illuminated by double-sided windows. On the first floor are the children’s rooms. Also on this floor is the parent’s bedroom, which opens to the cozy inner terrace.

The whole modern architecture of the house appears integral and uniform. It follows both the old Japanese traditions of small houses and the most modern trends in this area.

Modern architecture: built-in furniture
Modern architecture with a view from the interior to the garden
Modern architecture: a family home in the Japanese province of Shiga
Modern architecture - view from the parents' bedroom
Modern architecture: combination of a wall and a bench
Modern architecture - windows with integrated bench
Latticed opening in the wall of a garden

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