Modern Architecture – Hotel In The Reserve In Africa

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modern architecture Hotel Africa outdoor furniture

Modern architecture in Africa

Do you want to Their next Holiday in one place spend , where the experience truly unique natural und is at the same time super exotic? Or perhaps you want to draw upon outside inspiration from such a place for your own living room?

If that is the case, then we are very happy to introduce you to the Lion sands game reserve. Here you incredibly open-air positioned accommodation in the heart of a conservation area in Africa is .

This example of modern architecture is established as a new importantz in hotel construction and contributes at the boundaries between nature and man almost to verwipe.

To this place otherwise, forget as all the worries of life. The complex was built by onem Americans already in the 30s of the last century. Since then you have these in many ways modern expanded. . We have today hot water, comfortable bedsn with protection against mosquitoes, bathtub and Wi Fi.

Hotel under the sky

modern architecture Hotel Africa travel

Das E brush, what will attract your attention, the houses on the trees. Actually, this is a visual illusion. The cottages are located not on the trees, but on large cement structures. In all cases, the architecture looks great.

From there, you have a very great views of the Sabi River and the life of Kruger National Park. This is possible by platforms positioned and equipped specifically for this purpose.

Modern architecture – hotel in Africa

modern architecture Hotel Africa Pergola

Travel and holidays

modern architecture Hotel Africa nature

Eating outdoors

modern architecture Hotel Africa food outdoors

D as Looking for a romantic hotel all what Stay need t . That includes the fabulous bed, the great table and, of course, that beautiful atmosphere a.

Of course, many people have asked the question, whether this s Open hotel is safe. Until now, no wild weren animals to the guests here to visit.

Pure nature

natural landscape modern architecture hotel in Africa

The night is the most glamorous time. Here you can see how correspond to the lights on the ground with the stars in the sky.

The architecture of this hotel knows no barriers and fences. Thanks to this peculiarity you can dive into the atmosphere of the African night wonderful.

Romantic ambience

modern architecture Hotel Africa romantic lighting

Hotel under the sky

modern architecture Hotel Africa

Beautiful landscape

natural landscape modern architecture Hotel Africa

Besides the cottages on the trees, there is also great , colored villas nearby. You can worry about your health in the training room and in the swimming pool also.

All buildings of the residential complex, the wildlife of the reserve might be monitoring in safety. These include Lions, giraffes, elephants and other wild animals.

Every aspect of this architecture can feel like a part of this nature. For people, this is not extreme enough, there’s also great Safari tourswhich they booken can.


modern architecture Hotel Africa travel holiday

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