Modern Architecture In The Prairie – Architect With Sustainable Design

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modern architecture Washington Yelm Prairie modern house

Modern architecture – a Prärienhaus in Yelm, Washington

We be put today through our articles in a prairie region in Yelm, Washington, which is characterized by some characteristics. It is very expensive, but also all the houses are super traditional and rustic. But there’s also an exception and we will introduce today this.

Eric and Melinda are the owners of this architecture work. They live there with their two Labradoren. The architects have created to unite in this building of modernism and architecture.

The main room is decidedly contemporary, birch panels in the main room. The total permeability, which was achieved through the floor to ceiling panels to the South and North is also striking. Through this, it allowed unlimited views of the hills and the water landscape.

Here you have the feeling to be on a terrarium, and the couple can watch the all time great green on their land and enjoy.

The most important, which shows this architecture, our opinion is that modern architecture and pure nature are not mutually.

On the contrary: the contemporary approach of Interior and exterior seem to melt together.

An architect-designed House in harmony with nature

modern architecture Washington Yelm modern house living room kitchen

Modernism and architecture combine

modern sustainable architecture Einganggsbereich front yard design

The natural features of birch and cedar wood seems to imitate the environment. The prairie landscape is flat in its character and exactly so also the building whose ceilings and rooms.

The land cover shows a Flash character, due to the specific materials you brought to the usage. The eco-friendly approach is dominant in all details.

Eco-friendly outdoor and indoor design

modern architecture Washington modern Prärienhaus living room modern kitchen

Still, the House is equipped with a natural ventilation system and heat on Deman control. All lights are the kind of LED and CFL. Actually, it is virtually impossible to live in the House, and to feel this close to nature.

It’s so ironic how clear that man has accomplished this through modern architecture . Because the latter emerged in the cities, but corresponds to the need to bring nature, so that you can not feel in a concrete case to us.

Would you live in a super modern House on the Prairie? Below you will find examples of modern architect houses with sustainable design more interesting. Want to take a look?

Modern House with a large outdoor area

modern architecture Washington Yelm Prairie modern home garden design

Two-story architect-designed House in the great outdoors

modern architecture modern Prärienhaus sustainable architecture

Wood and stone are the main ingredients of sustainable architecture

sustainable architecture architect wood stone garden designmodern House on the hill with stunning views

modern architecture sustainable design modern home garden design

Luxury House in the middle of the nature

modern architecture of wild nature of modern home garden design pool lounge furniture

Terrace design in modern style

contemporary architecture architect-designed House sustainable design

Glass walls allow the nature to your home

modern architecture of wild nature of modern house Prärienhaus

A beautiful retreat

sustainable architecture of wild nature of modern house landscaping ideas

Cottage in the Woods

sustainable architecture modern home garden design ideas garden lighting

Build wooden house

sustainable architecture Prärienhaus garden design ideas wild nature

Succulents in the garden

modern architecture modern home garden design Prärienhaus Succulents

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