Modern Architecture Reflects The Rough Aesthetics Of A Family Business

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Modern architecture has many different characteristics. Some are rough and industrial and therefore have a controversial aesthetic value. This applies to the building of the family business Malpyo. More than three generations are already working there and the company is active in the cosmetic sector. The architectural office URBANTAINER has tried to visually present the spirit of the company. According to the architects themselves, this construction has captured the transition to modern, trend-oriented corporate policy.

The interior design appears open and inviting from everywhere

view modern architecture facades interior-resized

Modern architecture that reflects a transition to the modern

The pictures show the headquarters of the company. The starting point of the concept of this modern architecture was the breaking of some taboos. It should be defined as less a place of production and creation. Rather, the building should represent a symbol of the energy of the company.

For the construction successfully used ship containers in colors that stimulate strong emotions. Thus, one could also call this modern architecture sustainable.

The vertical design is characterized by three modern colors

facade modern architecture facades parking-resized

The internal department of the complex

The headquarters of Malpyo consists of two parts. In one, offices were housed and in the other – production facilities. To create an effective space with a unique character, the Office area was created from shipping containers.
Due to the larger dimensions, the production facilities were housed in a stainless steel structure. However, she was also disguised from the outside with container parts. Before the remodeling, the building was completely completed from the outside world. Very clearly the production room and the offices were separated from each other. Within this facility the machines were dedicated only to production. With the new concept URBANTAINER has tried to break this dichotomy. The dividing wall between production and office area is completely made of glass. So you get an insight into the other room from both sides.

The façade design symbolizes the transition to a more modern corporate image

fronansicht modern architecture facade-resized

The changed role of the machines

The modern architecture, both indoors and outdoors, is used to challenge the familiar roles of machines and other constructive elements. The machines are a wonderful example of this. In our case, they are part of the interior design. All stages of production, from production to logistics, are visible. The design also extends the functional dimensions of the production process.

This is a modern example of eco-friendly architecture

Courtyard modern architecture houses-resized

Better conditions for the employees

A fundamental change of the concept is the simplified access of the employees to their remaining plants. A unique challenge in the construction of Malpyo was the characteristic position of the building. Positioned between a main and side street, access to it was very difficult. Nothing could really be achieved from the main road, because some regulations prevented it.

Glass and metal are the main materials in the construction of many modern houses

interesting angle modern architecture facade-resized

In general, modern architecture serves to improve the quality of work. On the one hand, this is done by optimizing the interior design. Furthermore, the communication is improved, thus eliminating the feeling of exclusion. After all, we are dealing with an environmentally friendly construction. The aesthetics can also be described as appealing and in line with modern industrial trends.

Easy access is one of the key qualities of the new architecture

modern architecture facades view window-resized

Great mirror effects make the building even more appealing

modern architecture facades angular design-resized

The construction is very practical and articulated

modern architecture facades glass metal-resized

The building harmonizes well with the natural environment despite its industrial character

modern architecture facades parking-resized
Modern architecture building trees and glass windows resized
modern architecture building entrance-resized
modern architecture building vertical split-resized

Modern architecture houses with tree-resized
modern architecture houses all building-resized
modern architecture houses also autos-resized
Modern architecture houses view with natural objects-resized

The colors of the interior design are extremely modern, which creates a cozy atmosphere

modern architecture houses warteraum-resized
night modern architecture houses-resized
wide view modern architecture building-resized
two-tone building modern architecture houses-resized

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