Modern Home Shows Opulent Wall Decoration By Ando Designed Studio

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opulent wall decoration exterior wall grout shows modern home

Modern home shows opulent wall decoration

The designer and artist from the Israeli Ando have committed Studio to design stylish and creative building structure with an opulent wall decoration. Both houses that are shown here, make no exception. Every detail is carefully and conscientiously designed and conceived. The designers have incorporated such elements mingle with the architectural and technical details does not, but the contrast and improve the whole interior.The landscaping and the furniture up to the striking coffee table sees the House just completed appreciated and lived to be.

White free-standing walls show innovative design

luxury apartments shows opulent wall decoration outdoor

2. the entrance area has a unique and definitely gorgeous. The geometric pattern before the door look like delicate lace and seem intimidating on the unwelcome.

Open spaces lead to the exterior

beautiful houses shows opulent murals installed pool

Airy curtains bring freshness to the room

nice house shows opulent wall decoration Ando Studio

Geometric shapes, clear lines refer to this building structure

opulent wall decoration Ando shows homes Design Studio

5. the backyard here is designed for entertainment and amusement, regardless of whether large parties or sensitive family celebrations there are organized. The large sliding doors in the bedroom lead directly to the Court and also to the living and dining areas, giving it actually fresh air and sunlight.

Large, spacious living room decorated in earthy tones

modern home living room shows opulent wall decoration

Wood shelf system occupies the entire length of the wall

modern home shows opulent wall decoration wood modular shelves

7. the built-in shelves keep much and form a dividing wall between the different living areas.

Exotic surroundings and country sheep construction

structure shows opulent wall design bamboo garden landscape

White, glittering surfaces and free-standing structures in the kitchen

modern home shows opulent wall decoration kitchen island

9. the layout extends to the kitchen, where a pair of ovens is used as a divider. There has a long kitchen island and additional cooking countertop.

Large, luxurious bedroom

modern home shows bedrooms comfortably opulent wall decoration

Subtle, decorative elements

opulent wall design modern home plate cuisine shows

11 Ando have designed for this residential building’s Interior Design Studio – the anteroom up to each of the spacious apartments.

White bathroom – built-in bath tub

bathroom wall panels, design refined bathtub Ando Studio

Rough wall decoration made of bricks in the kitchen

innovative dining room furniture hanging dining table furniture brick wall decoration

Rattan garden furniture make comfortable seating area in the back yard

garden furniture outdoor building structure rattan Ando Studio

Light brown shades – minimalist living room

gleaming surfaces modern design Ando Studio Israel oversized terrace shows on a dining areamodern home shows opulent wall decoration dining area outside

Kitchen and dining area in chromatic shades

modern home shows opulent wall decoration dining area kitchen island

Black and white striped rug stands in contrast with the pale green accents

modern home shows opulent wall design striped carpet spacious and airy living room designmodern home shows seat Leather Brown opulent wall decoration

White, modular seating

modern home shows opulent wall design stairs living area

Interesting wall design catches the eye in this living room

modern home living room shows opulent wall decoration

Can you choose something for yourself of these designs?

modern home living room round table shows opulent wall decoration

How do you find the industrial, rugged style?

modern home shows opulent wall decoration brick industrial look

They are this bedroom also of the opinion, is furnished according to Feng Shui rules?

bedrooms Ando Studio wall design seat Platformbett

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