Modern House Extension – Conversion Of One Of Traditional, German House

Editor   June 4, 2013   Comments Off on Modern House Extension – Conversion Of One Of Traditional, German House

modern house extension geometric shapes facade

He traditionelle German homeowner needs a modern extension

We have always stressed that more difficult than planning a brand new flat making the renovations and the metamorphoses is. The reason is very simple and obvious. Also borders to bring the already existing structures. It is similar to the case with this great German House, located in Regensburg, Germany.

Because the building for a portion of the regional historical heritage explains the original structure cannot be changed residence of the intermediate space of the designers. Instead, the inventive troupe has become of FABI architects ruled the House with an all-new with modern minimalism extension leaked, to provide.

Image: Modern extension of a traditional house

modern house extension geometric shapes lighting window

Image: the original structure of the intermediate space residence

modern house extension white triangular roof facade

Image: spend the evening quietly, and outside views

modern house extension geometric German homeowner

The new structure, which is pictured below, and which was launched by the German Design Studio in life, uses the glass in accordance with the current fashion in the form of stained glass Windows, ranging from the floor to the ceiling. Through a great Hall connected to the original House, the new extension in the current trend of elegant and stylish rooms is inscribed, out there offering great views of the world.

Image: interior design, offering a contrast to the classic outdoor ambience

modern house extension kitchen floor plan white surface

Image: stylish, modern decor within the new extension

modern house extension dining room wood table Chair

Image: ergonomic modern kitchen

modern house extension dining room kitchen area white establishment

The ruihge garden outside is always visually connected with the living room and patio area of the new House. The interior design in the two floors appears neat and offers relaxed surroundings thanks to the warm and vibrant look inside.

The existing structure about adopts the modern lifestyle in its interior, the ergonomic kitchen space, the economical dining area and the all-white interior and is a contrast to the traditional ambience outside.

Image: view of the glass corridor that connects the two buildings

Modernehaus extension dining room kitchen area extravagant plain

Image: contemporary Inn designs with a stylish staircase.

Modern House extension dining room staircase

The stylish extension of the intermediate space building is a good example, you can add an extra room to a historic house, without radically altering the existing building.

Image: daylight in the transition pane

glass roof window idea white minimalist

Image: View of the stairs from the top

modern house extension staircase white treads

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