Modern House With Sustainable Design In New Zealand

modern House New Zealand architect outdoor figures

Modern House of Dorrington architects and Associates – Godden Cres House in New Zealand

Today, it will go in our article to the unique and great characteristics of a private residence in Auckland, New Zealand. They can be described as a classic, modern house .

It was a series of mature trees in a park built.

The design of the House can be compared with a collection of blocks, which are connected with flat roofs. These consist of an entrance and a gallery.

The Gallery is the best area where you pass directly through the courtyard and the swimming pool. He still characterized by the strong connection to the garden. It has installed large glass doors on both sides of the latter.

If you look on the atrium and the entrance, you are look on the Vitex lucens (Puriri) tree. There are also three garage blocks it. This increases the demands on the private character of the façade. The space between the two blocs forming the entrance. Scrolling you so download and discover the fascinating look of the exterior and interior design of Godden Green House.

Maybe you make it, the clean lines of the geometric figures, who’s there to take advantage

New Zealand architect exterior designing sustainable architecture

As you can see here, the input range promotes natural ventilation and light

architecture New Zealand architect garden design with entrance

Outdoor there is enough room for the customers, to fully enjoy the nature

modern House New Zealand architect outdoor lawn garden design

It also recognizes the strong link to the environment by looking at the side walls

modern House New Zealand architect interior wall decoration ideas world map

architect living room interior design living room design fireplace wall decoration

Even in the kitchen you chose modern furniture and appliances, to meet the needs of residents

New Zealand architect interior design modern kitchen

Between the inside and outside one detects the strong connection in this room

New Zealand architect interior design modern kitchen countertop wooden table

The mosaic carpet inside shows the love of the owners of art

modern home furnishing ideas wood furniture indoor outdoor

The wooden staircases fit perfectly to the patterns of the stair area

modern House New Zealand architect staircase wooden stairs railing

These in turn can be completely come the style beloved by customers

modern House New Zealand staircase wooden stairs railing Schatenspiel

The combination of black, white and gray color palettes, which are used in this bathroom, subscribe also to the classic theme, which is used by designers

modern House New Zealand modern bathroom furniture free standing bathtub

The Bank in the outdoor area is sufficient for the neighbors, who also want to enjoy the beauty of nature

architect outdoor sustainable architecture outdoor loungers tiled pool

The clean and seamless interior design is visible in outdoor and very especially in the morning

architect outdoor sustainable architecture outdoor pool

The rectangular shape of the swimming pool is perfect for the geometric shape of the whole structure

modern house exterior pool house façade's sustainable architecture

At night, the lighting fixtures, which are installed in the interior design for more elegance in the swimming pool provide area

modern house exterior sustainable architecture pool recessed lights

The green landscape in the exterior design stresses the importance of nature for the General house concept

modern House New Zealand architect outdoor lawn architecture and design

When looking at the different rooms, you maybe recognized the importance of diverse materials, which are taken here to use. It goes around the stone cladding of the vertical panels, which are used for the boarding and that cover the frame with black powder.