Modern Houses – Architecture Inspiration From Mexico By Hector Barroso Riba

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Latin America is a wonderful source of ideas for modern homes. Today’s example clearly proves that. The pictures below show fabulous architecture, built by Hector Barroso Riba. The complex is located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The project is from this year and is thus characteristic for some essential current trends in the architecture. The materials and the facade design are universal and could be used in different contexts around the world fit well.

Such facade design could harmonize wonderfully with many natural landscapes

Modern facades brick mexico monochrome

The modern facades set subtle accents in the landscape

Modern facades glass brick

Modern houses in a natural environment

We could compare the construction project with a small island between mountains with lush nature. On the one hand, the modern houses through the facade design to strong advantage. At the same time, the reddish color, which is also typical of the surrounding landscape, blurs the boundaries between the buildings and the environment. The natural materials come from the same environment: The facades are mostly made of bricks and earth. In the interior decor was used largely wood. The earth even comes from the property itself: those used to dig up the base were then used to close the wall.

The shapes and colors of the facade are reminiscent of the aesthetics of modernity

modern facade design idea brick

Each one of the modern houses has a courtyard

Courtyard modern houses inspiration

Each house consists of six units, which together form a courtyard. From here you can enjoy the beautiful natural view, but at the same time the privacy of the residents is protected. Thus, the courtyards become places of retreat and rest. The northern sides of the houses are closed and the entrances are on the southern side. On top of this, the building opens onto large windows overlooking nature. In this way, residents can enjoy their beauty from most living spaces and benefit from the penetration of natural light.

In the south, the building opens to nature and the natural light

View of the street build modern houses

Interior design of modern houses

The boundaries between the environment and most of the premises, such as the living room, the dining room, as well as the kitchen, are not exactly to be determined. Rather, one has included an extension of the living space on the adjoining parts of the particular courtyard and garden. The upper floor feels much more secluded from the surroundings. From there, the magnificent pine trees look like pictures captured in the window frames.

Similar to the façade, natural materials are used in the interior design

Interior design dining room modern architecture

These modern houses seem to have grown out of the earth. The façade design takes up the forms of modernity. Thanks to the organic materials, however, it harmonises wonderfully with the nearby landscape. Inside, we discover eclecticism of a similar kind. The alternation between closed facades on one side and the walls that are broken by wide glass surfaces on the other, makes you feel protected and close to nature at the same time.

The entire architectural and interior design is characterized by a monochrome color palette

Interior design modern architecture

This concept of modern architecture has clear principles that can be successfully applied practically anywhere in the world. The construction is not very high and quite stable. The chosen shapes build bridges to different world architecture styles and are therefore very up to date. At the same time, the selection of colors and materials draws inspiration from the immediate area and its nature, which always contributes to a unique appearance. Thus, this type of architecture can serve as a model for modern homes around the world.

Image and text:

The style of the complex combines modern and organic characteristics

Interior design very modern idea

Everything in the house is kept neutral. So the nature prospect steals the show.

Interior design insight modern architecture

The wood, as well as the other materials were recovered in the area

Hallway modern interior design idea
Kitchen interior design modern houses
modern houses brick inspiration
Modern houses build courtyard

Nature is made an important part of everyday life of the inhabitants

modern houses facade design
Modern houses inspiration brick

In the south, the living rooms open through large windows to nature

Modern apartment interior design interior design
Bedroom modern interior design
Space modern houses design

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