Modern Villas – Dream House On The Bay Of San Francisco

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modern detached houses San Francisco outdoor area lighting swimming pool

Modern detached houses – ideas from a dream house in San Francisco

Have to pleasure themselves at least theoretically, to one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco move? There’s a dream home, from which one can watch the views of the sea and the ships coming and floating away wonderfully. And if you need rest, then do so in a super elegant and modern dream home. Modern villas offer inspiring ideas, how to design your dream home. You do not lose the connection to the surrounding nature.

The architectural concept

The current architecture concept comes by Swatt architects Miers. The owners have stayed long at this point. The current building is the result of a complete reconstruction of the old family house. Swatt architects Miers sat down naturally as a priority, the biggest advantage – the views over the Bay to bring.

Modern glass facade makes UltraMon House

dream home San Francisco dining room panoramic window outdoor

Open to the environment

The concept includes the closed character of the architecture on the north side, and absolute openness to all other directions. This was achieved through a complete glazing. As a result, it has panoramic Windows, which completely blur the idea of indoor and outdoor.

You can enjoy the beautiful Bay from the dining area

modern single-family homes dining room panoramic window table decorations plant

The House features stylish garden stairs

modern detached houses dream house San Francisco outdoor area stairs plants

The living room

We will visit together yet the living this dream house? Actually, it was United with an open floor plan with the kitchen and the dining room. This flowing very freely through the room light and brightens up everything in a wonderful way.

The interior design is based on beautiful natural colours

dream home San Francisco living room carpet kitchen

The interiors in General

The Interior is characterised by clear, clean lines. Thus was the architect of the dream house that you can see here inside is still the beautiful view and the surrounding nature. One has the feeling of being at one with the beautiful landscape around everywhere.

Sunlight enters freely in the House

dream house San Francisco modern detached houses living area

Built-in fireplace

The focal point of the Interior is the built-in horizontal chimney. He was clad in panels in yellow and orange. You are against the backdrop of the natural stone cladding and great above.

The fireplace in the living area captures the look at

dream home San Francisco modern living room fireplace built-in lights


Only the bedroom will not benefit from this openness in the interior design. On the contrary: here is placed on the protection of privacy a high value. The bedroom is in the rear of the House where you have perfect security and privacy.

Beautiful views of the courtyard and the swimming pool

dream home San Francisco living room panoramic Windows built-in lights

The swimming pool

You could imagine certainly a house without a swimming pool, or? You don’t have to. This dream home has one way and it represents a piece of paradise in itself. The pool is located in the courtyard, which opens from one side to the ocean. Both are separated in fact only by a small green area, just a few metres away from each other.

In the summer, you can enjoy wonderful hours in the shade

modern detached houses San Francisco swimming pool tiles

The swimming pool features modern garden beds

dream home recreational areas of San Francisco pool

The street opposite the House facade is opaque

modern semi-detached houses House façade plants car

The bathroom has a bathtub next to the shower and double sink

modern detached houses dream house San Francisco bathroom plants

Kitchen kitchen island with bar stools

dream home San Francisco cuisine kitchen island bar stool open shelves

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