Moroccan House In LA – Stylish And Spectacular

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Moroccan House round Ottoman crystal chandelier

Moroccan House in LA – a fabulous interior design in the desert

Casbah Cove is elegant and spectacular Moroccan House located near LA. This is a gorgeous piece in Palm Desert at the top of a hill. It is particularly attractive and original by his Moroccan appearance.

The super modern and highly technological solutions are the work of the company Gordon Stein design. The design of highly modern apartments is nothing new for Gordon Stein.

Before working on this House he has learned a lot in European projects

Moroccan House comfortable sofas with cushions

The final products have been always spectacular and super luxurious

Moroccan House suspended ceiling with stars openings

Moroccan design and style are known for their glamorous and appealing solutions. The vibrant colors of the Middle Eastern region always ensures a vibrant Appel.

Unique Moroccan traditional patterns and modern solutions go hand in hand here

Moroccan House of round leather stool in turquoise

Traditional arcade forms perfectly combined with modern furniture

Moroccan chic House circular dining table and metal pendant lamp

So one bathes calmly and with style

Moroccan House Schwellenloser transition between bath and veranda

Source of inspiration is the African dawn. This is reflected the brilliant Orange and yellow colours this.

The use of green and yellow nuances “calm down” the mood and symbolize the ocean

Moroccan House square pool In the garden

Work and read in dignified ambiance

Moroccan House Cremegelber boss Chair oval

Deep shades of silver, yellow, light brown and gold portray the wide desert

Moroccan House chandelier with crystals

Sleep such as in 1001 nights

Moroccan chic House double bed with headboard from velvet

Oriental romance in the pure

Moroccan house built vaults above the bed

Before graduating, you has checked whether all elements here occur.

For months it has worked hard to shape the forms made of plaster, sheet metal, stone and wood

Moroccan House bathtub with Emerald tiles

A Royal ambience in the bathroom

Moroccan House black granite and gold leaf

White adds a contemporary touch to the traditional interior design

Moroccan chic House white shaggy rug of round chandelier

A magical perspective is created through the mirror

Moroccan House coat stool and spacious bath

Black granite is found on the tiles, arches, lanterns, Windows and at the swimming pool

Moroccan House wall tiles with floral patterns

Exclusive pool atmosphere in the evening

Moroccan House round pool and columns

A chic oasis in the desert

Moroccan House infinity pool and palms

An irresistible invitation

Moroccan House traditionally decorated entrance door

Many styles, a lot of art and soul come together in such houses. But you need to know them to assess such a work as beautiful and valuable? For me, this is an example of the universal character of beauty! Something for you would be a Moroccan House?

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