New Home Design – Experience Your House Before Its Construction

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luxury room design leather seating furniture bookshelves learning spaceNew home design – experience your House before its construction

It is difficult to read blueprints. If you miss something but then there is the danger that you invest your money in something unwanted. Make sure that you know in advance what will be built. Fortunately modern architects can present realistic image reproduction, so you can see your future home.

The picture realistic reproductions are expensive and requesting a particular application than the normal 3-D models. So, ask your architect in advance, whether he can provide this service. The price and quality vary, so you need to do a search. Companies in this field to calculate some hundred dollars per image.

Kitchen area – counter tops and hanging lamps

new home design stair railings kitchen lights

You should but never hire an architect, just because he can provide this service for you. It is much more important that he has experience of similar projects and good references. The technology would not compensate. Search the portfolios of architects in Internet. If your architect in realistic image reproduction is not specialized, you can contact this task to a specialist.

Open space – glass walls

new home design sliding doors dining room design

After deciding on the General design, style, and size, it’s time for the details – the fun work. The picture realistic reproductions are a great method, material options, compare colours and furniture and side by side to make.

The realistic image reproduction differ from the 3-D models. The first represent the color, texture, and material of the structure. Three D images show the size, width, and location of the structure. Put it this way: the 3-D gives an idea of the depth of the kitchen cabinets along the width of the countertop. The picture realistic renderings show the wood grain, the handles of the kitchen cabinets and the color of terrazzo plate.

Beautifully decorated outdoor – integrated pool

new home design pool outdoor use facade building

The most difficult and most expensive work on the design of a new House is the decision on the materials, equipment and accessories. After the start of construction, the amendment of the decision would lead to order changes and construction delays – and of course extra costs also.

Relaxing bathroom design

new home design bathroom Feng Shui Setup

3 posts of the picture realistic reproductions for you

No matter how strong is your imagination, this is the best way to know what the surface will look like in your home. Let us not forget the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Visualize the surface

new home design pool outdoor use Asian style

Perhaps you are the type that has at least some ideas for every corner at home. If you see any option, choose the best.

Compare and contrast

new home design pool outdoor use grass

So you be given budgets under your. If you have seen all the materials before the construction even with your eyes, you would make almost no changes in the course of the work.

You change your orders of less

new home design pool kitchen area wall grey color

The realistic image reproduction is one of the tools that the modern architecture can offer your customers for a better way of life, and well thought-out budget.

Tell us: what tools have you used for the visualization of your building project?

new home design design American style

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