Not A Bottomless Pit: Costs When Building A House Right Schedule

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House construction cost planning for efficiency quality

Keep building costs in perspective

The dream of owning a home has rarely been as palpable as in previous years – thanks to the low building interest. The low of interest rates should be a major factor in the decision making for some undecided house builders. A low-cost mortgage lending is, despite a slight rise in interest rates, still in the framework of the possibilities, however, should be considered in the calculation of the costs necessarily the most important aspects. The comparison of the different providers is only the first step: it is important to bear in mind, for example, also a portable loan amount and the advantages and disadvantages of different maturities to avoid an expensive follow-on financing. But even so financial planning for the construction is only partially completed, because the construction costs according to house building also represent a large post.

House construction cost calculating planning for

Prior to the start of construction

The actual house construction usually is the purchase of associated property as a cost factor. He goes in addition to the money, because not only the brokerage, but also the real estate transfer tax is payable, which may be depending on the Federal State between 3.5 and 6.5 per cent of the purchase price. The payment is due once the contract for the purchase was notarized. The notary notarized not only the purchase itself, he is also responsible for basic liability orders and the liens. It is hedging opportunities for a lender, usually for the Bank. At least an extra percent of the purchase price must be estimated for the work of the notary.

Then the plot together with the new owner in the land register will be entered. This costs for various items must be considered, ranging from permits over the abandonment notice – so that the transfer of ownership is meant, registration of mortgage and any co-owners until the prints of a mechanically guided land register fees.

House construction costs costs calculating

Then the building permit can be addressed, for not only taking the time – manipulating a construction application can at worst once several months – but also money costs. In addition to the fees imposed by municipalities and Building Authority, enter other approval building, such as a garage, and technical equipment, for example a heat pump, as well as the rough construction cost and construction approval even in the Bill. A land surveying can be also expensive if it is not already done and documented.

Who would not completely from a construction company building the dream home , but plan it better from the ground up with an architect himself, should take into account more 12 to 15 percent of the construction costs for this.

During the construction

So that possible risks and dangers for the resulting construction tear no holes in the budget, these should be covered with a sufficient insurance protection. Hausrats – and private liability insurances access simply too short in the case of a house building, a building owner liability, however, offers a larger protection. Construction industry insurance loss or damage can be secured, caused possibly by theft, storm or during the transport of building materials. In addition, acts the insurance shell, that – the name says it – attacks in case of building fire, moreover, but also includes damage by lightning strikes or explosions. Who wants to go sure that completes the building under the most adverse circumstances, can’t think about a construction completion insurance as protection against the insolvency of the construction company.

So already the construction itself ensures more consequential costs, it is worth may be consulted a construction consultant support. This accompanied the building then already from the time of contract planning to and helps in the supervision of construction workers and artisans. Here, the not necessarily low-cost services of the consultant is – be scheduled hourly wage at a scope of consulting services should between 60 and 100 euro of approximately 10 to 15 hours – to be weighed against even more costly repair of construction defects.

house building costs right computing

Significantly more expensive than the optional advice beat the compulsory development costs to beech. So are the costs for the establishment of all necessary connections involved in a new building. The connection of gas, electricity, drinking water and sanitation, as well as the phone lines can fail in some cases, depending on the given circumstances, completely different expensive and should therefore rather more generous than to just be calculated. This is true especially for drainage works and incidental measures such as a construction road. Apart from of course been the construction site must be supplied with electricity and water – in not only the pure consumption costs, also the local operator and the electricians, who are responsible for setting up the power supply, want to be paid. Not to mention the rent for the established power Kit.

After the construction

Unfortunately the costs with the completion of the construction does not stop, they can increase in part even to a considerable extent. This applies in particular to all matters concerning the decoration of the House, starting with the planning with regard to the electrical – if, for example, a variant of smart home is – aimed at the selection of doors, Windows, tiles and last but not least the furniture. Who also has a plot with garden, want to make the after moving surely also according to your own taste.

house construction cost prediction calculating plan

Apart from this, it should be clear basically with construction beginning that maintenance costs for repairs to apply again and again. Should be covered in the ideal case for a new building were not yet in the weight, but at the latest living progresses there will be necessarily wear and tear. The completion of a homeowners insurance or an elemental damage insurance is recommended as protection against damage caused by fire, storm etc.. Thus, the building itself is protected and possible costs for reconstruction or renovation.


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