Of Course Living With Sustainable Materials

Of course, living – what materials are eco-friendly?

The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of natural resources. The production of building materials and the building itself consumes a lot of energy and water. In all processes, toxins cut off still. The construction industry continues to produce waste which can not be used or processed.

Of course living – living In harmony with nature

of course construction is construction worker

As in all other areas, but also people who like to invest in green innovations can be found. More and more materials with the green dot exist marked, which do not have all of these disadvantages.

Of course stay – to use sustainable materials in modern architecture?

of course construction is environmentally friendly

In this article, we enumerate some of the most used building materials and call it the possible alternatives, which can be used in their place.


Is there such a thing as eco-friendly concrete? Yes, there is such an alternative and it is urgently needed because concrete much more and more often taken together is used than all other materials. There is talk of the so-called polymer concrete. There are many variants of this material. In polymers and other materials are combined to achieve the strength of the concrete.

Polymerbetonist an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete

sustainable materials polymer concrete parts

Ash as a building material

Since the end of the last century the ashes of the great electrical workshops used in construction equipment. It is used mainly for road construction, but also in many other constructions. Ash can also be consumed as an additive to concrete mixes. This brick are also produced. The latter are more environmentally friendly, because much less energy is consumed in its production.

To use the ash as a building material has advantages certainly

sustainable materials ash construction eco-friendly

Compressed earth

The compressed mass of Earth is another eco-friendly material. It is processed into large blocks, which can be easily used in the construction. Different types of Earth can be used, but the emphasis is on clay and sand. For more strength, lime is added to the mixture.

Earth as a building material

sustainable materials Earth construction

Natural living with paper

How does a paper for you as the term sounds like? Actually provide innovations for this that this is a very sustainable and reliable alternative. The constructive parts manufactured from cellulose. It is specially processed for construction purposes. This method of construction, recycled paper can be used.

Apart from processed cellulose, wood Rosin is used in such kind of houses. The panels made of two materials allow a modular construction. The resulting structures are fairly easy, be set up quickly and are sustainable in many ways.

Waste materials

There are very many different old materials, which can be integrated in new buildings. This is not news and innovations in this respect have become everyday information. Coral, metal, wood, and paper can be used widely.

Eco-friendly innovations in the construction industry

natural sustainable materials is construction

Polystyrene hard foam and other artificial products

According to latest research polystyrene hard foam could be considered sustainable. Scientists came to this conclusion after their last studies, which have deals to. This is only one of many examples of sustainable living. If a production is organized effectively, then artificial materials can be considered environmentally friendly.

Polystyrene hard foam – an example of sustainable materials

of course, polystyrene foam is umweltfreundlcih


Finally we inform you on the Cork as an environmentally friendly alternative to other building materials. In his recovery, the trees are not destroyed. It removes only the bark, but it grows back in nine years. Cork is light and moisture resistance. He offers a good insulation and is very elastic.

Use Cork in building industry

sustainable living Cork eco friendly materials

So, there are sufficient alternatives to the traditional building industry which polluted our environment. More and more companies rely on sustainable methods in their work. We as consumers play an important role in this process: we can determine whether we promote sustainable development or the polluting industry through our buying behavior.

An environmentally friendly way to live means to build environmentally friendly

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