Old House Remodeling – An Inspiring Example Of Seattle, America

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old house remodeling project facade building Nahher house walls green

Renovating an old House – how to integrate the LEGO pieces in real life

Belonged also to the children who love the LEGO? If so, then you are an architect or a different kind of artist may now… Maybe simply living artists. Similar is the case of Jeffrey Pelletier. He is an architect.

His fascination with the colored blocks but not ended years in his teens. Yes, he has worked with these pieces in his adult years. At some point, he has a ton of these, and in this respect much more area of square, to bring them into use.

He has acquired a from the year 1902 House in Seattle along with his partner Christopher Pasco. The spacious facilities, the modest proportions and its convenient location in the Capitoll Hill neighborhood were characteristic for this. During the renovation we decided, to get the basic structure, but to adapt the apartment to the modern style. You have the advantage of two things. You have the floor plan of a modern apartment, but at the same time the feeling of an ancient House. The color plate, which you bring in this case in usage, is really striking… like in LEGO…

The House at a glance:

Who lives here: Jeffrey Pelletier, Christopher Pasco, the son of Kellen (age 1) and Cavalier King Charles Spaniele Helo and Athena.

Location: Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle

Size: 306 varying, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms

Year of construction: 1902nd year 2013

Interesting facts: it has discovered a time capsule from the year 1980 in the renovation. At that time, the building was used as a boarding house

old house remodeling project

Pelletier and Pasco (building manager by profession) have lived six years in the apartment, before they have started their reconstruction. The old house was very dark, had a poor access to the Court and many of the original facilities were destroyed. Many of these details, which make irritating an old House were missing. Is shown that the statements made by the owners themselves.

After the conversion, everything looked different. If you wanted to and it has managed to make the area really special. The floor to ceiling bookshelves were one of the new elements. You are an ergonomic solution, through which it has expanded the living and storage space.

A completely new look after the conversion

old house remodeling project sitting on the surrounding tree

The lush color palette was inspired by the local climate. In Seattle could be called gray this permanently. That’s why you chose Flash nuances. You can change this easily, if you no longer like them.

The walls in the living room were painted with a special paint which is called Fireworks. The House has no crown molding, and therefore has become Pelletier decide to add this anywhere. At the edges of the bookshelves taken on their forms. The head of the bookcase has facilitated the access to the various shelves. You can use them in different rooms.

The lush color palette was inspired by the local climate

old house remodeling project after the conversion color red wall color

The chimney of the House collapsed in 2001. The room was filled with chips and debris from the trim when the pair there is moved.

They have redesigned the area together with the N & R construction . They had a high and at the same time narrow space. The room felt so like a tower. Increased fire pit provides for extra seating, where you like to enjoy a drink.

Comfort in the living room

renovate House reconstruction after the conversion color green paint

After the Red living room and the green room of the family, the gray dining room like a style sedative appears one. It has deliberately opted for a serene color palette in this room. Was looking for something that is older and classic.

Neutral color palette in the dining room to compensate for

old house remodeling project dining room after the gray wall color

The uniform shape of the trim and white color weld together the room running in different colors. The Brazilian cherry wood floor contributes to the uniform appearance also.

The wooden floor provides extra harmony

house remodeling remodeling dining room after the gray wall color

Pelletier has taken everything from the kitchen. He has created a new space, which consisted of parts of the old kitchen, the storage space and the bathroom. He divided the room into separate areas for work. The illuminated cabinets were created for any special purpose. You just liked the manner how they bring in more light into the room.

Storing cookbooks and everyday utensils, things that we want to hand on the open shelves

old house remodeling project after remodeling kitchen kitchen ideas

Define separate workspaces

house remodeling after remodeling kitchen countertop kitchen ideas

The transition from home to the outdoor area was very clumsy in the old House. It has therefore added a set of folding patio doors. This came at the site of the former storage space and bathroom.

Direct transition to the outdoor

house remodeling project after remodeling kitchen wooden porch door

If the doors are open, you feel almost as if you would cook out. The adjacent terrace and stairs provide an easy transition to the court below.

It has been a dog box inside a storage unit which separates the kitchen from the entrance area. One side is always open and the Rails on the sides provide ventilation. The animals may also have views in very different directions.

With thoughts of domestic animals

old house remodeling project pets dog

Normally, the boxes are a very difficult topic, because you can install other difficult pieces of furniture around them. If you can integrate them but somewhere, they become a prominent place in the apartment.

HELO and Athina can move freely during the day in the House. But they prefer often to reside in the box. They probably feel safe and protected. A drain at the bottom avoids accidents.

An Amgenta opens up to the entrance door. The kitchen can be seen through the entrance at the back. The old House had about no master bedroom, so decided to Pelletier, to establish one. He brought together two smaller rooms for this purpose. These were previously smaller bedrooms. Cabinets fill the wall in one of these rooms. They serve at the same time as dressing and wardrobe depending on which part you are in.

The front door is a fresh color accent

old house remodeling project colors pink white Lego blocks

The architect also built the space above the front black stairs. This area now serves as a wide terrace, which you can enter from the wardrobe of.

The master bedroom has an en suite bathroom after remodeling

old house remodeling project bedroom bed wood ground black white

Originally, there was only one communal bathroom on the second floor. Pelletier has added another in addition to the master bedroom. Shower heads are located at both ends of the shower. Intelligent medicine cabinets have open shelves, which have been incorporated below. So it avoids that the sink is filled with the minutiae of everyday life.

Luxury in the bathroom

old house remodeling project bathroom wood glass

The working space exudes in this blue color

old house remodeling project study room home office wall color blue

The House once had a full basement, but this was anything but inviting. In large part this was due to the relatively low ceilings (1, 9 metres high). You had to go through a wardrobe, to succeed to this.

Renovating an old house – the cellar before the conversion

old house remodeling project basement before

After the conversion, the ceilings were around 2.7 meters high. It created a very welcoming atmosphere, which was perfect for the entertainment of the son of Kellen and his friends. It was able to arrange a lot there without disturbing the remaining residents or neighbors.

The cellar after the conversion

old house remodeling project basement after storage space bar

This area called the LEGO Lounge includes bar, media room, laundry room, storage and bed and breakfast. Pelle animal’s decision to make the a level lower, was very brave. But as a result it has an extra housing stock and you had to not expand the House structure in.

Pelle tiers LEGO pieces are wonderful in the shelves. His son seems to have inherited this passion.

See also fascinating the Lego blocks?

old house remodeling project after the conversion bar In the basement

Pelletier has removed a dressing room in the upper part of the staircase. Thus the way is much freer and more comfortable down

old house remodeling project after conversion home bar In the basement wet bar

Below, it has aspired a resolutely modern design. A projection TV unit hangs from the ceiling and transforming the space into a modern media room.

The guest room in the basement underground feels never and you have this to the high ceilings. White walls and bold colors behind the bed also contribute to the open publication.

Bed and breakfast in the basement after the House reconstruction

old house remodeling project bedroom bed and breakfast orange white paint

The exterior was the home owner for the taste to become brittle. You had actually fell in the vibrant colors of the neighbouring House. You have seen this as an opportunity to transform their own Seattle House into a version of painted ladies in San Francisco.

Renovating an old house – House facade before the conversion

old house remodeling project facade building before

After the conversion: The House is bordered by a commercial district and this motivated the owners do this to create something Überschwänglicheres. They have used the colors from Benjamin Moore blushing red , and Douglas Fir . The atmosphere feels Merry and bright, even though the day is very dark.

Renovating an old house – House facade after the conversion

old house remodeling project facade building Nahher house walls green

Every day it is photographed by passersby. For some, it causes admiration, at others – Schreck… This design solution is not for everyone, but that’s a good thing!

-Bauplan from the 1st floor renovating an old House

old house remodeling project sketch plan first floor

An old house renovated-Bauplan 2nd floor

old house remodeling project sketch plan second floor

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