Old Stairs – A Photographic Fascination

Editor   January 12, 2015   Comments Off on Old Stairs – A Photographic Fascination

old stairs patio stone stair

Old stairs – discover the charm of the time

Today we have decided to show you something extraordinary – the fascination of old stairs. The photographer Christian Richter has discovered this unusual site of the stairs when he visited old uninhabited buildings. All photos are shot with a wide angle lens and the light is perfectly set. The result – beautiful, enchanted stairs, corridors and staircases. You can see all the traces of time and feel the nostalgia that prevails in these old buildings. Some of the staircases are wide and straight, another narrow and spiral.

The wood, wrought iron, or cast iron railings are partially or completely preserved and one has the feeling that they have been used recently. Here and there are seeing robust pillars or filigree, metal ornaments. Some floors are still well preserved tiles, parquet or concrete. Depending on what that is for a building, the stairs have their different charm. Particularly fascinating are the spiral stairs, taken from above, which are spiral and reminiscent of a snail. The photographer has increased half preserved objects as for example pianos recorded and so the melancholic mood of the images even some. How do you find these artistic shots? Can you feel also the transience and the nostalgia, we have felt?

Old stairs and strong pillars

old stairs of old Castle

The arcades are still well preserved

old stairs arcades stair

The stairs of an old factory

old stairs industrial iron staircase

Sweeping staircase with metal railings

old stairs curving staircase

A strange worm

stone stairs swinging spirally

Forever abandoned beauty

stone stairs granite arcade

Arcades and straight stairs

stone stairs granite staircase straight

Spiral cast iron

old stairs swinging cast iron

Shabby elegance of wood and concrete

old stairs wood railings

The white color of the railing is still preserved

old stairs timber stairs wood railings

Devastated and leave

old staircase stairs wood

The time spiral

stone stairs metal railing

Cirrus ornaments made of metal

stone stairs metal ornaments

Proud and symmetrical

stone stairs Castle piano

Timeless wrought iron

old stairs narrow staircase

Well maintained and spacious

old staircases wrought iron railing

Piano and sweeping staircase

stone staircases wrought iron piano

You can see still the pattern of stages a carpet

old spirally curved stairs

Organic form of iron and concrete

old stairs spiral cast iron

Endless spiral

old stairs Spiralenförmig stone

Unpretentious concrete

stone steps stone steps iron railing

The staircase has not always still lost its charm

stone steps stone steps staircase

The nature more and more captured area

old stairs timber stairs broken

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