Old Wealth From The Middle Of The Century Converted Into A Modern Residence

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contemporary House old Fortune House dark art art

Old wealth from the middle of the century converted into a modern residence

Roger Ferris + partners have restored an old asset from the middle of the century and partially redesigned in New Canaan, Connecticut, in the United States.  The new additions include a swimming pool, a garage and a gallery of modern art. According to the architects, “the swimming-pool and garage in the minimalist style, and on the Hill are built”. All materials for outdoor and restoration works have been selected and verified, to harmonize with the existing residence”the result is an architectural deverses building, considered interesting by different points of view.

Unique designer construction – renovation

modern residence old assets architecture design

The art gallery was first planned by the architect Philip Johnson in 1952. “The Interior is bright, simple and clean. The lighting is discreet adjustable, emphasizes well the feats that ventilation comes, is almost invisibly integrated”. This House is a good example of the diversity of textures and materials, it is more than a living room and an art gallery, it is a modern work of art in itself.

Compact, but a unique project – you can see the kitchen in the ground floor modern residence converted old asset pool

Natural environment – over high trees

modern residence old assets backyard garden

Round, integrated pool in the garden

contemporary House old assets integrated pool round

A photo from the pool area and garden

modern residence converted old Fortune tree

Advanced project – stone walls

modern residence old assets converted stone wall

Bright lighting in the garage contemporary House old assets converted garage

The natural environment

modern residence old asset building converted to

Glass walls – the summer, modern residence

contemporary House old assets converted to glass wallsmodern residence old assets art converted to

Bright, compact and practical kitchen – modern design

modern residence of old assets gleaming kitchen

Modern and cosy living room design

contemporary House old assets comfortable living area

Office and security service

modern residence old assets Office

A space of art -Sculptures and other works of art

modern residence old assets converted art sculpture Living room design – glass sliding doors contemporary House old Fortune Lounge

The design of the modern, renovated project

modern residence old assets converted design

Joe hisaishi – Haiso (Princess Mononoke OST)

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