Organic Architecture For A Sustainable, Green Future

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organic architecture Xerophyte Tower skyscraper

Organic architecture – Xerophyte Tower and other future projects

If you need to survive in the desert, then you should get to know Xerophyte plant. Here, it is that it looks back on a long history in terms of aid, which it is for the people in these regions. Alternative have found people somehow still not really for their unique properties. Now, the organic architecture does not seems to fall back.

We see that on the basis of the work of Allstair Lillystone, Shonn Mills, which have won the architectural competition 2015 for projects for high-rises.

Successfully imitate natural processes

organic architecture futuristic desert plants

Keep track of long

Now, the organic architecture reached a whole new level, what is the sustainability. Because she recognized the meaning of forms in nature. The almost banal statements, there would about have a sense, seems to apply it more and more.

Perfect for human needs.

Xerophyte represents Tower an emblem of organic architecture, not only because it mimics a natural shape and by the technology takes advantage of many benefits in larger dimensions. The architects recognize human needs on a mental level. We all have the fundamental quest for security and accommodation. They come with the picture of a Xerophyte plant in connection for the desert people. One feels professional and relaxed thereby not only indoors, but also in the urban landscape, which has this plant.

Organic forms and sustainable features

organic architecture Xerophyte towers sustainable

Sign of a major change in our life

This great example of organic architecture brings at the same time in mind, how much the speed with which technological advances happen, has accelerated. Because as a high-rise building can be rebuilt realistically in the next decades. While it looks like a figure from a futuristic fiction. This is the form from the benefits, which recognized the man for himself from nature. This approach is increasingly becoming a matter of course.

Even more concrete to the Xerophyte Tower

As I just said, the Xerophyte stands Tower for many current trends of organic architecture, which can be observed on the basis of many works. But there are also some own characteristics and achievements, which you should pay special attention.

Green towers like from another planet

organic architecture green vegetation

The simplicity of the overall design is distinctive and surprising. It is from the absolutely conventional construction of high-rise buildings. Work is done but with modern materials and technologies that provide for greater freedom in the work of form of.

The “Eddy acid” this so organic-looking object provides the vertical movement and the operation of the tower. In “Orbit” around this central part around, you will then insert premises in the form of modules. These can be described as secondary structures. Quite separately, they are produced in specially equipped workshops. This only sustainable materials will be used, such as sustainably produced wood for example.

Huge bridge of special

organic architecture sustainable bridge

You can replace the spaces

This secondary part consists of elements which can be exchanged just completely. Still a property has extracted the organic architecture of nature in this sense. The modules can be replaced wonderfully. That’s got something of the growth of the branches and the leaves, right?

A completely autonomous, architectural system organic architecture sustainability

The pyramids of the future

organic architecture oval pyramids

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