Paris Of The Future – The Smart City 2050 Project Minimizes Drastically The Greenhouse Gases

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greenhouse gases Paris 2050 collage

A vision of the future that extremely minimizes greenhouse gases

Also the French capital of bad air and growing urbanization is plagued as in most world capitals. So the Paris City Government has recently created a climate and energy plan, is designed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 75%. The architect Vincent Callebaut has accepted this challenge in cooperation with engineers from the SETEC Bâitment and designed a research and development project for the high-rise architecture in Paris. The futuristic project is called “2050 Paris Smart City” and consists of 8 main buildings, which combine elements of nature and sustainable energy sources. All of these are located in the heart of the densely populated metropolis. The 8 core pieces of this sustainable architectural plan are: mountain towers, anti-smog towers, photo synthesis towers, bamboo nest towers, honeycomb towers, Farmscraper towers, mangrove towers and bridge towers.

Although they all have a very different design, they serve the same purpose – maximum use of energy on an eco-friendly way, food supply, water use, and a life in harmony with nature. A special energy production technology is integrated in every part of the project and the architectural profiles are designed so that they endanger the cultural heritage of the city definitely, but only enrich it. A good example is the “mountain Tower” – elegant design with curved shapes without pipes and chimneys. Inside the building, natural processes are as passive heating and cooling, oxygen supply and rainwater storage running. In addition, green areas are provided which reflect the cleansing effect of rural life in the atmosphere of the big city and promote the sustainable lifestyle of its inhabitants.

In the Smart City project innovative technologies are used, ideally need the natural energy source. So, for example, the exterior is the “mangrove towers” compiled from individual cells, forming a light-sensitive, electrochemical coating, maximum use of sunlight and with sufficient power supplies the whole building. Similar to is also in the “photo synthesis towers” to proceed. The insulating organic façade generated their own bio-fuels. Another technology that supports its own supply of the city, is “the Phylolicht” – a hybrid system of turbine-powered lighting.

Internal links exist between the skyscrapers and the whole project meets all necessary, essential and economic needs of the population at the same time. This clever networking allows the reduction of greenhouse gases, caused by urban transport. The smart plan reinforces the idea that the major cities can grow, taking them to a healthy city and clean future will contribute.

Paris 2050 – the Smart City project

greenhouse gases Paris 2050 project

3D futuristic plan

greenhouse gases Paris 2050 top

Bamboo nest towers

greenhouse gases Paris architecture future

Bamboo nest seen towers from above

greenhouse gases Paris 2050 bamboo towers

Bridge tower

greenhouse gases Paris Bridge architecture future

Farmscrapers towers

greenhouse gases Paris emissions reducing

Farmscrapers towers – the three-dimensional dummy

greenhouse gases Paris 2050 towers from above

Honeycomb towers

greenhouse gases Paris futuristic architecture

Mangrove towers

greenhouse gases Paris of futuristic station

Mountain seen towers from the road

greenhouse gases Paris building greening

Anti-smog towers

greenhouse gases Paris natural skyscrapers

Lush vegetation and fresh air

Paris 2050 greenhouse gases natural Interior

A unique biosphere

greenhouse gases Paris 2050 public building

Photo synthesis towers – majestically with curved shapes

greenhouse gases Paris Park skyscraper glass

Photo synthesis towers from the bird’s eye view

greenhouse gases Paris 2050 sustainable construction

Photo synthesis towers sketch

greenhouse gases Paris 2050 skyscrapers from above

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